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Moon Sisters


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Moon Sisters

All Women Need Friends Who Will See Them
For Who They Truly Are

This January 6th, from 5:00 to 8:00pm The Moon Sisters will gather at Jardin del Eden.

Who We Are: We’re a group of women who meet to sing, dance, share stories, move, meditate and embrace the Universal connection to our feminine energy. We are Panamanian, ExPats from various countries, Indigenous and other. We are inclusive and self-supporting.

Who Benefits? We do! Being in community is healthy for all human beings. Women often feel uncomfortable around other women. We create a safe space for women to be themselves, to have Fun.

Who Else Benefits? Proceeds from our circles will go to helping the Women of the Comarca to create their own financial freedom.

Moon Sisters will meet once a month on the Full Moon night, or the night closest to it that makes sense. Our intention is to support one another, create connection and conversation between groups of women who might not otherwise know each other and to take our place as women in a community of women who can be present and enjoy the gifts of our innate feminine wisdom.

More Info: We’d love for you to join us. Meet your new friends at Jardin del Eden in Bajo Boquete on Avenida B Oeste.

For a pin for directions and more information, and to connect before the event, please join the
WhatsApp group Moon Sisters! https://chat.whatsapp.com/FWmEn8UusukC43kw5Ap63V

Cost is $15 per woman, upon entry.

Coffee, Tea, Water and cookies will be provided.

Dinner is not available so please eat before you come.

Bring yoga mats, pillows, blankets, or lawn chairs as you choose for your own comfort. These items will not be provided.

This group is new! We’ll be limiting participation to 12 this month to make sure we can accommodate everyone well.

Location Pin:

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