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Broadcast vs Chat


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We, the 2 Penny(s) have each lived in Boquete for around 20 years, and have both created internet services, each for a very different purpose.   We want our members to understand and get the most enjoyment from our 2 very different services.   And, we don’t want our viewers’ inboxes cluttered up with redundant posts.  We hope the information below will help both those posting and those receiving the posts.   Let us know if you have any questions about this info….it is intended for your convenience.

News Boquete (don’t confuse this with the Facebook group called “Boquete News”)
This is a subscription service created and operated by Penny Barrett.  The purpose of this service is to disseminate notices and advertisements about events, embassy and community alerts, charitable organizations and business specials that members may find useful.   This is a Broadcast/Announcement subscription service, meaning back and forth Chats are not available.  Businesses can post notices once a month with detailed information about their products and services, but real estate and rentals are not posted here.   Once you become a subscriber by sending your full name in an email to news.boquete@gmail.com, you can send email notices that Penny Barrett will then post on this service.  In order for your email announcement to be sent to the 2,200 subscribers, you must also post the relevant information on www.chiriqui.life.  There is a relationship between News Boquete and Chiriqui Life and real estate and rentals can be posted there.  
Boquete Talks
This is a membership service created and operated by Penny Ripple.   The purpose of this service is to provide a Chat Forum for members to post questions and answers and helpful information.  This is NOT a Broadcast service for business advertisements.  Join BoqueteTalks@groups.io by first having a Google account, then joining the Boquete Talks Group.  Your first post will be monitored and after that your posts will not be monitored unless there is a reason to do so.   No political or religious posts are permitted, and members are asked to be courteous and civil in their posts.   No lengthy business advertisements are permitted on BoqueteTalks.  For business ads/announcements use News Boquete or one of the many Facebook pages.  BoqueteTalks is for back and forth chats between members.  You can choose to receive posts one at a time, or once a day as a digest.   
So please keep these differences in mind when you decide to post something.  Very simply:
Business Ads and Announcements = news.boquete@gmail.com
Personal chats = BoqueteTalks@groups.io
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation
Penny Barrett Penny Ripple
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