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Buenos Vecinos de Boquete Newsletter December 2022


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Buenos Vecinos de Boquete

Buenos Vecinos de Boquete Newsletter December 2022

2002-A Growth Year for BVB

- The number of BVB volunteers has almost doubled to more than 35 individuals.

- The number of of families/clients to whom we are now delivering food has grown 58%.

- 25 large families with four children or more are receiving double portions of food every month.

- 70% of families surveyed are participating in the new Food Start Program to grow some of their own food.

- 6 BVB volunteers are kicking off the new Volunteer Sharing Program assisting FPI (The Handicap Foundation) on Social Saturdays, and in the future, additional volunteers will be helping their wheelchair-bound clients transport the monthly BVB food bags to their homes.

- 143 toys found new homes with BVB kids this Christmas with the start-up of the new Toys for Kids Program. BVB teamed up with ACCB (Association of Community and Charity of Boquete) during its 12th year of conducting this program and their annual Christmas Fundraiser/Toy Drive Dinner Buffet to bring toys, clothing and food to hundreds of kids in the Comarca.


Our Thanks to our Sponsors and Donors

When people support BVB they are assured that because we have no overhead, every dollar is bound for its intended destination, to feed those in our community who are single moms with kids, elderly without family and financial support, and families who are caring for a handicapped family member. BVB depends solely on those donations, including our in-kind donations, and we want to say thank you to them all.

Thank you to our primary Corporate Sponsor Agro Nosotros who provides funding for us every quarter. They have been one of the cornerstones supporting our program and we could not serve our growing client roster without them. Their coffee and chocolate shop, The Perfect Pair in downtown Boquete, also gives us chocolate candy bars for all of our BVB families every month. There are smiles all around when the BVB delivery volunteers arrive at the door.


Chiriqui Media Factory produces our newsletter every month and keeps track of all the data points around the newsletter and our social media. They created and manage our website www.buenosvecinosdeboquete.com which provides us an attractive and informative face to the world. They also designed a new logo for us this year and we love our updated look. Gijs Hoogerkamp and Diogenes “Ivan” Gonzalez are the ever-present benefactors who not only drive our media program, but also give us feedback and advice to make it better. Their in-kind contributions have helped us reach far beyond our borders to make new friends and find supporters here and abroad.

Our new Food Start program is made possible by Thomas Budziszewski in his Palmira greenhouse, where all the seedlings are planted and tended by Tito, his able assistant, until they are ready to be handed off to our eager new gardeners. John Rhoades, our BVB Food Starter coordinator, introduced this program to Thomas and Tito and they took it on with great enthusiasm. John is the generator for Food Start and has orchestrated every step in this project. The amended soil, and other additives for growth are donated, as are the seedlings and food slips by anonymous donors to our program. These are in-kind donations that are literally blooming.

Throughout the years the bedrock for Buenos Vecinos de Boquete has been the generous kindness and concern of our committed Coconut Foundation Members. Their ever-increasing numbers and faithfulness are a testament to the personal commitment they’ve made to the well-being of our BVB families. We are sincerely grateful to all of them.

Spa Boquete

Richard and Germaine Sturtz

Kathleen Fredrick

Panama Relocation Tour

Paquita Bath

Harry and Nancy Halbert

Alison Brundage

Bruce and Patrice Ebel

Mary Ellen Watts

Elaine Betts

Dottie Thompson

Anne Harper and Jim Kavney

Tina La Porte

Julie Titchbourne

Paul and Nancy DiPialo

Penny Ripple

Dennis DeCorte and Patricia Powers

Tom and Beverly Stearns

Julie Hilliard

Chuck and Lindsay Davin

Sue and Ed Davis

Debbie Doutlick

Boyd and Karen Pitt

Robin Veilleux

Dale Jackson and John Sandeen

Margie Brooke

Agros Nosotros

Casa Solution

In Memory of Louisa Jane Paton

Gary and Gina Lee

Linda Pijon

Lani Archer

Guy Gipson



Carmen and Luis Botero

Susan Peterson

Barb and Craig Camp

Sally Zigmond and Peter Sterling

Fred Sobotioncic

Coni Reeder

Rusty Castillo

George and Vicki Castillo

Elena de Saint Malo de Virzi

Anne Harper

Skip and Susan Parker

Erin and Dave Ross

Bruce and Patrice Ebel

Steve and Sara Hudson

Robin Veilleux

Lynne Johnson

Coni Reeder

Jim Kavney

Sheila Tatum

Kathy McKay

Alan Wells

Barbara Votova

Ben Langton

Lonnie Dalton

Elizabeth and Robert Stanley
Richard Schreiber
Marc and Elaine Betts

Juliette Garesche

John Rhoades

Joel and Virginia Burkholder

Jane McKeon

Boquete Bridge Club

Happy Family
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make a donation to support one of these families

Buenos Vecinos de Boquete exists to help people like this, who are unable to meet their basic food needs. We have provided emergency food support on many occasions and have been successful in helping families through hard times. We will help them with food support until the working age adults in the family can find enough income to become self-sustaining.

Donate Here

If you prefer to donate by cash or local check you can see Louise Orr at the Tuesday Market or contact Trish at buenosvecinos79@gmail.com

Be sure to check out our website and Facebook page:
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BuenosVecinosDeBoquete/
Website: http://www.buenosvecinosdeboquete.com/


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