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Help for Veterans who served in the U.S. Armed Forces during wartime!


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As surprised as you probably are (not,) the V.A. doesn't tell veterans about programs that can help them.  If you (or your late spouse) served during wartime and you have ongoing health issues, even minor ones, I just might be able to help you get some financial assistance from the Veterans Administration!  The program with which I help those so deserving was signed into being by President Dwight David Eisenhower as part of the very first G.I. Bill and is still in the "system" today!!  It's disgusting and unconscionable – among other less printable of my thoughts – that the V.A. does little to assist those who gave so much, and RARELY mentions this much-deserved (and needed) program!!  Here are the entitlements:


Married veterans can receive up to $2,120/month tax-free for life.

Single veterans can receive up to $1,789/month tax-free for life.

Widows/Widowers can receive up to $1,149/month tax-free for life.


Even if you are not a veteran but know someone who is, here or in the States, my phone numbers and email are:


Panama cellular:  6427-5937 (from anywhere in the world via WhatsApp too)

From the U.S. 919/795-9509 (rings in our home in Volcan via Magic Jack)

Email:  betsy@startmail.com


Betsy Barbeau


P.S.  Thank you to any veteran, or family member of one, reading this for your service!

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