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Amigos de Animales - November newsletter


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Our mission is to provide low cost spaying and neutering of dogs and cats, and to promote the general welfare of animals in our community and surrounding areas.  







Carmen and Virgilio are a one income family with themselves and 19 animals to feed. They care for 13 dogs and 6 cats.  They also help feed 3 other animals in their neighborhood.  Most of their dogs and cats have been rescued from the hotel/coffee finca in Alto Quiel where Virgilio works as a gardener.  


Many of these animals were dumped or abandoned there by their humans to roam and survive on their own.  Some have medical issues that need attention.  Virgilio has rescued these animals and now he and his wife Carmen care for them and provide them with a safe and loving home.  Both Carmen and Virgilio say they could not continue to feed themselves and care for these animals without the food that Amigos de Animales provides for them on a monthly basis. :


To us at Amigos de Animales, Carmen and Virgilio are heroes.  Please help us continue to help our local heroes and the animals they care for.  $10 per month will help feed one dog or cat.



On Sunday October 30th, Amigos de Animales spayed or neutered 344 animals, 154 dogs and 190 cats with six vets and one trainee working. It was a new record for one clinic. We've done 2,827 animals in 2022, which is also a record.  


69% of the animals were female and 45% came from Boquete. Of this, 254 animals were brought in by owners and 90 came from collectors.  We estimate we had 150 volunteers during the day, including many new Panamanians.


In January we raised our prices for the first time in years to $20 for a dog and $10 for a cat which has enabled us to pay our vets more for their services.  Despite that, we still have a shortfall of over $3,000 at each clinic.




On November 13th we held an appreciation party for our volunteers. Over 100 people attended. Clinic days can be very busy and stressful, so it was great to have an opportunity to relax and enjoy the company of our incredible team. 


Over 2,800 animals sterilized this year, and over 23,000 since we started in 2005! What a difference this organization has made for this area. We couldn't do what do without our dedicated volunteers!


Thanks to the following: Al Punto restaurant for side dishes and cakes (donated by Cary Trantham), Sugar & Spice, Sheila Strunk for ribs and prep, Sean Trollip the grill-master, Sandra Wolf for baked beans, Ruby McKenzie for hors d'oeuvres, and all of the others who helped set up, serve and clean up.


Please contact Alicia or Raquel at volunteer@aadab.org if you would like to volunteer.




The 2023 calendars are here! Still only $10 - you can purchase them at La Granja, Mascotas, Mike's Global Grill, Sugar & Spice, The Garden, Larry's Place and the BCP Tuesday Market. These make great gifts!


Thank you to Larry and Jennifer Pascal for all of their hard work obtaining advertisers and pet sponsors, and for coordinating the photographers, design and printing. Thanks to Nora Nennstiel for the amazing design and graphics.




We have made gift certificates in the denomination of $10 and $20, the cost of an individual sterilization for a cat or a dog. Do you have a friend or neighbor or worker who has an animal needing to be sterilized? Please tell them that the procedure will make their animals safer and free them from the worry of the related illnesses or injuries that might ensue with cat or dog fights.

These certificates are an easy way to help. They are available at the Animales table at the BCP Tuesday Market or at our clinics. You also can send an email to Cary at Animalesdeboquete@gmail.com



Join us Saturday November 26th from 1 PM to 4 PM for our first Christmas Craft Boutique. We currently have over 20 vendors from the Boquete area.


VIP tickets are available for early viewing from 12 PM to 1 PM. A $20.00 donation includes a glass of wine and a special Christmas cookie.


A $5.00 entry at the door includes a cookie. Raffle tickets can be purchased, and there will be a cash bar. All proceeds go to Amigos de Animales.


There is limited availability for more "crafty" vendors.  Contact Sherry at sshirritt@gmail.com.



Tuesday November 29th is Giving Tuesday. We believe in the Giving Tuesday motto: "Do your little bit of good wherever you are, it's those little bits put together that overwhelm the world." This year we are raising funds for our Food Drive campaign. Donate here.



This month we're featuring a Board member and department head.


Name: Carol Cardinale-Santana


Your position/title with Animales and how long have you worked here?:  Vice President - 14 years


Can you tell us a little bit more about what you do with Animales?: I am the head of recovery.


I started the training program years ago because I noticed people took it as a social event and did not take it seriously. Once I had a young person rubbing a dog and did not notice the dog was not breathing!  I have also organized fundraising events, Chili Challenges, Casino Night, and our Annual Lotto (Ruby's idea). In the past, first prize was an all-expense paid trip to Panama.


Why would you encourage others to volunteer here with Animales?: It is definitely a great experience as well as rewarding.
So that we can get to know you better can you tell us anything about yourself?:  I came to Panama in 2005 and we bought a piece of property and built a home in the hills of Alto Jaramillo.  The builder gave us a puppy (Bella) that needed neutering.  That was my introduction to Amigos de Animales.  Then Bella needed to be trained and Jennie Allen was dog training and also worked at the clinic. One thing led to another and now I have been volunteering here 14 years all because of Bella.  


Click here for the rest of Carol's story and more pictures on our website. 



•  Food Drive: We are continuing to feed needy dogs and cats in Boquete at a cost of over $1,200 per month.  You can donate by clicking here


•  Membership Drive: Sign up for your annual Amigos de Animales membership and receive this great car magnet. Membership is still only $10. You can sign up at the BCP Tuesday Market or at a clinic.


•  Gift certificates: We have made gift certificates in the denomination of $10 and $20, the cost of an individual sterilization for a cat or a dog. Give your neighbors, gardeners and maids certificates for their dogs and cats.  Let’s help each other help each other!  
These certificates are an easy way to help. They are available at the Animales table at the BCP Tuesday Market or at the clinics


•  2023 Calendar: These are now available for $10 at La Granja, Mascotas, Mike's Global Grill, Sugar & Spice, The Garden, Larry's Place and the BCP Tuesday Market.


•  Education program: We are visiting local schools to educate students about proper care for their pets, and the importance of spaying and neutering animals. Please email Katrina at katrinakneebone@gmail.com if you can help.


•  Spay or neuter your animal: we get new requests daily, but we are still following MINSA rules and doing clinics by appointment only. Contact Rosa, our appointment coordinator, at 6563-8686 to be added to our list.


•  Rescue/adoption?: The mission of Amigos de Animales is strictly spay and neuter, we are not a rescue, adoption or veterinary service.  Please do not ask Rosa about any other services.


•  We have been updating our website - check it out here


•  Animales is always looking for stories and pictures to share in this newsletter.  

Please contact Alicia at akcleavenger@hotmail.com if you are interested.



• Animales Christmas Craft Boutique - Saturday, November 26th - Noon to 4 PM - see more details above


• Giving Tuesday - Tuesday, November 29th


• Animales Snowflake Craft Afternoon with Sherry - Saturday, December 3rd - $25 donation includes all materials, glass of bubbly and a special dessert. Only 3 spots remain.  Contact Sherry at sshirritt@gmail.com.


• Training - you can watch our training here.  We expect to hold an in-person training in January.  Contact Alicia if you have any questions.


• Clinics - Sunday January 29, 2023  (we are dark in November and December)


• Casino Night - postponed until January 21, 2023 - watch for more details 



•  Donations:  Any amount will help.  

Click here for ways you can make a donation


•  Amazon Smile:  Amazon sends us a small % of every purchase you make (there is no cost to you). Click this link to register: Amazon Smile-Amigos de Animales, Inc. We received $170.82 in the first quarter of 2022. Thank you!!


•  If you would like to volunteer for Animales, contact Alicia or Raquel at volunteer@aadab.org

•  If you can donate dog or cat food, please drop it off at the Amigos de Boquete office in Alto Dorado or contact akcleavenger@hotmail.com

•  Don't forget, the Animales Events Center is available to rent for meetings and gatherings of any kind. Contact Sherry Shirritt at sshirritt@gmail.com or 6858-3607.

Here are the statistics from the October 30th clinic:


Here are 2022 year-to-date statistics through October:



 2022 Totals

Animales Totals-to-Date


Thank you for your support!  We could not do what we do without all of our incredible donors, sponsors and volunteers!


Amigos De Animales, Inc.

2733 Oak Ridge Ct Ste 104
Fort Myers, FL 33901

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Facebook Instagram

Website:  www.aadab.org/


Contact Alicia at akcleavenger@hotmail.com if you have any questions.


Copyright © 2021 Amigos de Animales, All rights reserved.


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