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Preparation for the monthly sterilization clinic


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The cat cages and carriers were all cleaned and delivered. ✔ Appointments had been made and verified. ✔ People were reminded of no food after 8:00 pm ✔
Pick up times were determined and set. ✔  Waited to see if we got any cats in the traps. 🤞🏻
For the cat's that have owners, most of the owners do not have vehicles so we provide the transportation. 🚗 In addition, Sunday is their only free day so I take care of the cats at the clinic so they can stay at home with family or rest. The other reason is to have fewer people at the clinic who have never been to a clinic nor do they know the process of the clinic.
I try to make sterilization of the cats so easy that there would be absolutely no reason NOT to sterilize their cat.  Making sure there are no unwanted kittens is a priority for me.
Today Kirsten Cares For Cats paid for 12 cats to be sterilized, that is $120.00 in addition to the other expenses of caring for the cats. ❣
This month I had helpers with transportation, Lisa Stivale Badger and Alba Lu.
Please consider sponsoring one of the 12 cats and to support our efforts in sterilization.   Thank you.
Kirsten Cares For Cats 😻
Yappy/WhatsApp 6446-2794
Isabella's Bakery and More accepts donations.
Bank accounts at Global and Banco General.  Please contact me for account information.
✴ We have access to a 501(c)(3).  Please contact me for information.

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