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GrayRiver Farms Plant Sale on Sunday


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GrayRiver Farms will be at the Chiriqui Storage Flea Market this next Sunday, April 3rd at 10:00am until 12:30pm.  Go 1.5km passed the Dolega Y.  It is on the right.


After the recent winds, you might be interested in a windbreak.  We have Mirto, a small-leafed fragrant shrub, that can grow to 12ft tall.  When planted sufficiently apart so that the wind can flow through a row of it, the force of the breezes are diminished. 


GrayRiver Farms also has fermented a garlic/ginger solution that boots the immune system of your plants.  Did you know that plants do have immune systems?  There are two strategies:  one that walls off the infected site and the other is a molecular response that causes the plant to resist the spread of a pathogen.  As in the animal kingdom, pathogens then try to overcome these defenses with various strategies; thus, the plants under environmental stress sometimes need help.  Our solution is our GR garlic and ginger tonic.  Please try it!

We appreciate your pre-orders so that we can ensure that we get your order on our truck.  grayriverfarms@yahoo.com                                                                                                                                                                         6949 1555











Moringa Trees


Ylang ylang Trees


Dwarf Eureka Lemon Trees with fruit


Eureka Lemon Trees (grafted) with fruit


Persian Limes (grafted)


Meyer Lemons


Calamondin Orange Trees varigated leaves


Cinnamon trees ( 4ft. Tall)


Royal Palms


Closed Fan Palms (Lacuala grandis)


Bismarck Palms


Phoenix Palms


Foxtail Palms


Sealing Wax Palm  "Lipstick Palm"


African Tulip Trees  5 ft. tall


Crape Myrtle Tree pink 4 ft. tall


Bauhinia varigata  purple (orchid tree)




Jasminum officinale    (fragrant)


Japanese Mock Orange (fragrant)


Jasmine vines  (fragrant)


Mirto ( similar to privet, but fragrant)


Ground covers


Dichondra silver falls


Purslane white morning star




Dwarf licorce (Helichrysum silver falls)


 Dill large plants


Rosemary large plants


Sage large plants






GR-Effective Microbes

$ 10/liter

GR- Garlic Ginger Tonic

$ 10/500ml


Greenacide is an all natural insecticide and fungicide fermented from a combination of forest plants.                                       GR-effective microbes adds those necessary and healthy microbes your plants need to assist them in uptaking nutrients from the soil. 


Thank you for your business!


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