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ACCB First Responders Program


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hello Boquete,

We are excited to be partnering with Fire Panama in hopes of soon being able to have a working Volunteer First Responders Brigade.

This internationally accredited program will allow us to help meet the needs in our community and most importantly save lives.

This 8 month long course will be taught starting August and will be a flexible online class that will have live teacher support and some live classes.

Here is the information for the first course being offered July 10th at TapOut.

The cost is $120 per person and includes the Certification valid for 2 years. You can ask for a registration form via email.
Course Information Below:
The FIRST AID + CPR and DEA course is an 8-hour face-to-face course, video guided and directed
by an instructor, who teaches the fundamental skills and knowledge to respond and treat,
in the first minutes and until the arrival of the emergency medical service (SEM), situations such
such as choking, sudden cardiorespiratory arrest and other situations that require first
Additionally, in this course students learn the skills to treat hemorrhages, sprains,
bone fractures, shock and other first aid emergencies. Adult CPR is also taught and
the use of AEDs.

The members of the brigade participate in theoretical and practical classes under an IN PERSON format.
The face-to-face practices are carried out in simulated scenarios and in learning stations that work with
1 internationally certified instructor. The realization of face-to-face training will be carried out
according to the schedule of dates established by the institution in a single group and day at 08:30 until 4:00 p.m.
Each student will receive an access code to the platform of the publisher JBLEARNING to redeem access to supplier's book and manual. The study material in the online format of the 8th edition, is the center of a system of integrated teaching and learning that offers many resources to effectively support and prepare students to learn life-saving skills.
The material will be delivered days before the course so that they can read it before the course. Delivery of the material is a mandatory requirement on our part as it is an international certified course.
 It should be taught in an open area or a room with good ventilation in the open air.
 The 2mts of physical distance between the participants must be respected.
 Mandatory use of a mask and face shield or eye protector (glasses).
 Use of nitrile gloves for some practices with simulators.
 The presence of alcohol gel is required throughout the class.
a) NFPA 1 – Fire Code
b) NFPA 3 – Code for the Fire and Life Protection Systems Commission
c) NFPA 10 – Portable Fire Extinguishers
d) NFPA 13 - Installation of Sprinkler Systems
e) NFPA 70 – Electrical Code
f) NFPA 72 – Fire Alarm Code
g) NFPA 101 – Safety and Life Code
Rules, decrees and laws of the CSS and Ministry of Labor, law and general regulations applicable in Panama
h) Bill No. 56 of September 10, 2003, which creates the framework law on health and safety
at work.
i) Resolution No. 506 of October 6, 1999. Technical Regulation No. DGNTY – COMPANIT -44-2000
Hygiene and industrial security.
j) Cabinet Decree No. 68 of March 31, 2007. By which the Social Security Fund is focused on
mandatory coverage of professional risks for all jobs of the state of the company
individual operating in the republic.
k) Law No. Organic 51 of the Social Security Fund (December 27, 2005)
l) Resolution No. 45,588-2011 J.D. Official Gazette of Monday, February 21, 2011 No. 26728

m) All the First Aid courses that we offer comply with the requirements established in the
Republic of Panama through Law 57 of November 30, 2016 and Executive Decree No. 346 of
December 26, 2017, which regulates said Law.
n) Executive Decree 2, of February 15, 2008
o) Ministerial Resolution DM-137, of March 16, 2020
p) Resolution #405 of May 11, 2020 – Official Gazette #29021-B
We have endorsement as a center for education and training of emergency brigades by the
Meritorious Fire Department of Panama, under resolution DINASEPI/DN-29-021 and the Ministry of Health
of Panama under resolution No. 004 of 2022
 Master in Prevention of Occupational Risks
 Occupational Health Professionals
 Certified Internal Auditors
 Instructors for safe work at heights.
 Certified instructors in inspection, testing and maintenance of fire protection systems according to
NFPA 20 AND 25
 NFPA 1041 Instructor
 NBC certified instructors
 Emergency medical technician
 Hazardous Materials Technician
At the end of the course, each student will receive an accreditation (diploma and credential) Emergency Care
& Safety Institute American and Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons (AAOS) valid for two years.
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