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Happy Father day


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         ♥️  Happy father day ♥️
🎁.    🎁.    🎁.    🎁.    🎁.    🎁.    🎁
A special day for dad we have a Massage for Him, helps Eliminate tensions in the body. 
            4 HANDS MASSAGE
Yes, 2 therapists  Massage working in one  person. 
the holistic therapy that reduces any type of stress and fatigue both in the body and in the mind. can be for a men or woman both can enjoy. 
Day: Friday June 24
Location: we are in the second floor of the Hotel La Casa de Tía Eva near t the Boquete Public Library, behind the Casona Mexicana restaurant. 
Price: for this day only for this day 50% of  discount $45.00,
 regular price $90.00 
Phone: 6287-4633 messages only. 
🧘‍♂️.        🧘‍♂️.         🧘‍♂️.        🧘‍♂️.        🧘‍♂️
Hericka Vanegas
 attends you 
massage therapist
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