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THE BOQUETE PRIVATE GARDEN TOUR 2022! Saturday, July 16 (9:00 AM - 2:45 PM)

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Saturday, July 16 (9:00 AM - 2:45 PM)
Reserve your spot now to attend the Boquete Private Garden Tour 2022, as attendance is limited to only 45 guests and nearly half are already sold! Reservations for this exciting are available to purchase for $75 at the upcoming Boquete Tuesday market "Plants for Pooches" table. We are located in the Tap Out parking lot near the entrance stairs from 9-12.
This is a rare opportunity to spend a carefree day with your friends or family, exploring and enjoying three separate awe-inspiring, private Boquete gardens in Valle Escondido, Palo Alto, and Boquete Country Club.
Your reservation includes parking and a chauffeured ride from one garden destination to the next by a professional transport van service. At each home you will be treated to flavorful food and beverages, boutique shopping opportunities, and time to relax and enjoy the covered garden patios and spectacular tropical views.
This event is presented by the "Plants for Pooches" fundraising program for DogCamp. For additional ticket sales locations and more details about the Boquete Private Garden Tour 2022 event, please visit and follow us at www.facebook.com/DogCampFundraiser.
Below is a description & a few images of the gardens you will visit in our Private Garden Tour 2022!
Private garden in Palo Alto
For one of the homes on the garden tour. Located in Palo Alto, the amazing garden & landscape of this home alone is worth the price of the tour!
Welcome to a magnificent home in which its extensive botanical gardens are breathtaking. These tropical gardens flourish in a unique microclimate where the "bajareque" mist is plentiful.
Beginning with the front gardens, the bright pink and giant size bromeliads will draw immediate attention. Next, a welcoming outdoor covered patio awaits, accented with distinctive hand-painted murals and pre-Columbian art. Comfortable patio seating areas are surrounded with decorative containers filled with a wide assortment of attractive succulents. Nearby, the relaxing sound of a waterfall can be heard as it empties into the man-made pond filled with large bright orange goldfish and thriving aquatic plants.
The entire backside of this vast property is rich with abundant gardens best appreciated by walking the groomed pathways. One of several memorable features is the outdoor orchid house exhibiting varieties of these captivating plants. The path continues through gardens of towering palms, banana trees, heliconia, torch ginger, hibiscus, and lilies. Ahead is a quaint gazebo featuring hanging Indian Clock Vines.
Once the tour of this home's thriving gardens is complete, you will be in awe of the incredible beauty of nature.
Private garden located in Valle Escondido
That will be on the Boquete Private Garden Tour 2022. You are certain to be captivated by the beauty of this unique steep hillside landscaped garden with a built-in multi-story waterfall.
This luxurious home first welcomes guests with its immaculate front landscaping and stone stairway with custom designed iron railings. The backside garden area begins with an enormous outdoor covered tranquil patio with several comfortable seating and dining areas, bordered by an attractive stone wall. Large stunning architectural potted garden urns, a patio fireplace, decorative tiled waterfall pool, and exotic art pieces accent this lavish outdoor living space.
The patio area immediately draws attention to the steep hillside of lush gardens with a captivating 4-tiered man-made waterfall gracefully flowing over a multi-story flat-stoned wall. The inviting stone steps and pathway with ornate metal railings travels upwards, surrounded by red ginger, collections of flourishing ferns, heliconia, palm trees, orchids, enormous philodendron, and much more. Both mango and an unusual variety of striped orange trees add a special touch to the thriving landscape.
A quaint sitting area with two welcoming Adirondack chairs and umbrellas awaits the hillside with an elevated view of this entire grand estate and tropical wonder. This unique hillside landscape with its mesmerizing waterfalls is sure to be a memorable focal point of this enchanting garden tour.
Private Condo Garden in Boquete Country Club
Enjoy a sneak peak to the 3rd garden on the tour. with its vast variety of plants and flowers creatively tucked into a smaller growing area. This garden is sure to leave an impression with all those who have the good fortune to join this rare tour.
For those with limited backyard space, the raised gardens and visually stimulating landscape in this private condo will provide new ideas on what can be achieved on a smaller size property. It begins with the large outdoor covered patio complete with relaxing patio seating and dining areas, whimsical decor, and attractive potted plants bursting with vibrant colored flowers.
Straight ahead, the entire backyard has been transformed into an artistic circular floral landscape with a rocked pathway that allows for gardens on both sides. Special features include large raised garden beds with varieties of blooming flowers, a circular flat-stoned fire pit, and a striking metal 3-tier water fountain.
The gardens are filled with an assortment of crotons, star clusters, red lilies, and azaleas. Also sprinkled within are succulents, fountain grass, bird of paradise, the unique sansevieria cylindrica, and much more. Large decorative garden urns and intriguing stone statues add attractive accents. The back edge landscape offers an incredible view overlooking the canyon. After completing this tour, you will gain an appreciation for this inspiring garden with its vast variety of flora creatively tucked into a small space.
Thank you for supporting DogCamp Boquete!
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