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CranioSacral Therapy and Somatic Exercise- 2 Great Modalities that Work Well Together or when Experienced Apart.

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Option 1- CranioSacral Therapy- " In the states I was a licensed Massage Therapist in Florida for 30 years. The last style of therapeutic touch I performed was CranioSacral. It is an extremely gentle hands on therapy created by the late John Upledger, an Osteopathic physician. Dr. John founded the Upledger Institute which conducts seminars world-wide. Several years ago, pre-quarantine, I took my forth training re-Certifying me to do the 10 Step Protocol in San Jose, Costa Rica."- Suzanna Clare
The 10 Step Protocol is very specific and can be understood as an energy work. However, it is different from Reiki and several other modalities, in that it is scientifically based and very specific. 
Its purpose is to balance and relax the central nervous system to catalyze the Cranial Sacral System's natural healing ability. It is the opposite of deep tissue massage whose objective is to "fix" the body by force. The healing objective of CranioSacral is to strengthen the flow of the Cranial Sacral fluid within the spine and cranium through deep relaxation and opening. It is very meditative and requires sensitivity on the part of both the receiver & practitioner. The recipient is comfortably clothed, oils or lotions are not used, and the touch of the practitioner is extremely light [a nickel's weight of pressure] and non-invasive. The total body is involved in the session, but hand positions on the spine and head are the primary focus.
For a sensitive person looking to be catalyzed on his or her healing path, it is very subtle and has the power to be extremely relaxing, balancing & effective. By easing blockages in the flow of the cranial sacral fluid, tension is reduced and painful areas of the body can be soothed and integrated with the total organism..
Recommendation- .I am a 72-year-old woman with osteoarthritis who has had joint replacements, compressed discs in my neck, & recently a broken ankle. In each instance, I exercised to maintain my flexibility, strength, and balance.  It is not always easy to accomplish this, but I find that CranioSacral treatments from Suzanna have helped me achieve my wellness goals. Her treatments leave me feeling comfortable and balanced.  Compared to costs for this kind of exacting treatment in the US, Suzanna's prices are very reasonable.  It is my intention to continue receiving CranioSacral work from Suzanna on a regular basis. - MS,  retired Geologist and lover of Boquete
One CranioSacral Therapy Session of 60-75 minutes is $35.  A 90 minute session is $40.
To schedule your first appointment to share your history and experience what the classes and/or sessions are about, email Suzanna at suzeclare@gmail.com
Option 2- Private Somatic Movement Exercise Classes-
Experience how small, slow, gentle, and continual movement done with deep concentration reduces tension to diminish pain. Tune into the curiosity and creativity of your innate child  to play with movement & explore how all the parts of you interconnect. Then once you've begun to regain your fluidity & move from center, add Pilates props into your routine. Use rolled blankets, a stretchy band, light hand-weights and/or a Magic Circle to build arm, leg & core flexibility & strength. 
Regain ease of motion and learn a new form of exercise to supplement what you already do.
Private Exercise classes are recommended for once or twice a week. Suzanna Clare, Master Instructor with 30 years experience. Certified in both Pilates and Yoga, a former Personal Trainer and a student & practitioner of several Somatic Exercise modalities for 20 years; Including the Feldenkrais Method, Continuum Movement and Clinical Somatics,
"Prior to working in my home privately, I taught, pre-quarantine, group &  private Pilates Classes at the Haven for 8 years. I now prefer to teach one on one, an eclectic mix of all I've done during the course of my career. Movement and Exercise are my passion, and I totally love sharing it with others."- Suzanna Clare
Private Somatic Exercise classes are $30 each for a 60-75 minute session. After class, you will be directed to websites on the internet to help you exercise at home in-between sessions, and/or the sequence and instructions for the exercises taught that day will be sent. 
To schedule your first appointment to share your history and to experience what the classes and/or sessions are about, email Suzanna at suzeclare@gmail.com
OPTION 3- CranioSacral Therapy and Somatic Exercise Sessions
"Take greater responsibility for your well-being by doing your share to balance your body, in addition to having someone perform their magic on you." 
Everything you do feels better when your body is relaxed, centered & your movement is fluid. For example, walking is infinitely more beneficial when you move with a balanced and natural ease of motion. Overall, painful movement is not beneficial and reinforces the pain of past injuries or helps create new ones.
Student Comments- "I had several reasons for responding to the ad for Somatic Exercise Classes. A longtime yogi, I really wanted some new exercises to supplement my daily routine. Two, I
 was attracted to the diversity of exercises Suzanna teaches and was curious about what she had to offer. I haven't been disappointed. In 5 weeks, we progressed from doing Clinical Somatics to wall stretches and several flowing yoga movements to doing Pilates using either a stretchy band, magic circle or roller. Fabulous!
Recently, Suzanna suggested we do a 1/2 and 1/2 class- dividing our exercise time with the CranioSacral and now I couldn't be happier. It feels great to have this experience weekly and l look forward to each session. They are totally uplifting and inspiring.``- Elaine M, an expat from Toronto.
Another Student- " At our last session Suzanna taught me a 20 minute exercise sequence I've begun doing each morning. The exercises are simple, gentle & relaxing. Written instructions help me recall how to do them. Doing the exercises has especially helped me when my body has felt too much pain to take a long walk. As a result, I have begun feeling much better in between our therapy sessions." - Sara H.- a resident of ElHigo.

One Combination Somatic Exercise and CranioSacral Therapy Session is $30 for an hour, a 75 minute session is $35, and an hour and a half session is $40.00.
To schedule your first appointment to share your history and to experience what the classes and/or sessions are about, do email Suzanna at suzeclare@gmail.com
*Note- "I am not a medical professional, but an Exercise Instructor and Massage Therapist. I have found I work best with those who have an exercise history, and who are experiencing some movement limitations or restrictions, at this time of his or her life. My classes and sessions are designed to complement and enhance one's current wellness routine
."P.S. Also "Please Know Email is my sole method of communication."
As the Nike's ad says- Isn't it time to "Just Do it?"
Soon! Suzanna
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