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Liposomal Vitamin C


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Liposomal Vitamin C 
Pure Bio-Available Vitamin C in Liposomal Technology 
 Lets Talk About Vitamin C for a Moment - 
Vitamin C is a Master Anti-Oxidant with the Power to Boost Immune Function ..
It is a Vital Nutrient Within the Body That Has Endless Benefits for Health & 
Disease Cure and Prevention .. 
Vitamin C in High Doses has been Used Effectively as a Treatment for 
Chronic Disease Since The 1970's ..  
So Whats the Problem ?   
The Challenge with Taking Traditional Oral Vitamin C 
Supplements is that  only a Small Percentage% of the Active Nutrient 
Actually Gets Absorbed by the Body  ( Typically only 20% ) ..  The Rest is 
lost in the Digestive Process etc ..  Another Challenge is the gastro-Intestinal 
distress that Many Suffer when taking Ascorbic Acid .. 
 Until now , One of the Most EfficientDelivery Methods for High Dose Vitamin C 
has been by Intravenous Infusions  ( Through the Veins and into the Bloodstream) ...  
Our Liposomal Vitamin C is a Technological Breakthrough in 
Vitamin C Assimilation Which Vastly Improves the Absorption Rate 
& Offers Incredible Health Benefits ! 
Liposomes are Tiny "Nano-Size" fat Soluble vehicles for Carrying Nutrients
to the Body's Cells .. They are a Double Layer of Fatty Material which is 
Similar to the Phospholipid Bilayer of the Cell Membranes ..  
Liposomal Vitamin C is "Packaged" like a Bodily Cell , so it Passes 
Right through the Digestive Barrier and Delivers the Nutrient Directly to the 
Bloodstream ..  This has a Much Higher Absorption Rate with over 90% of 
the Cells being Bathed in High Potency Vitamin C ! 
So Much That Only One Gram ( 1 Tsp.) of our Properly Produced and Orally 
ingested Liposome-Encapsulated Vitamin C is as or More Effective than 7 
grams of Vitamin C given by IV   !!!
*We Take A lot of Care to Produce a Very Well Made Product for Ours ( & Your) 
Health and Wellness Needs ..  Many Liposomal Encapsulated Vitamin C Products 
Out There are Contaminated with Heavy Metals ( Chromium, Iron & Nickel) that are 
Leached in the Process ..  We go the Extra Step , Time and Cost to Ensure that No 
Contamination Occurs in our Finished Product ..  We also Provide about 35% More 
Liposomal Vitamin C than What is Out there for Similar Cost .. * 

HOLISTIC PANAMA  currently has High Quality Liposomal

 Vitamin C in small quantities ..  An 8oz. Bottle Will Last about 5 Weeks 

and Will Provide 48 servings ..  ( Each 1 Tsp. Serving Equivalent to 7,000 mg of Vitamin 

C given Intravenously ) ..   Powerful Stuff ! 


35 $ - Bottle 

Please Call or Email On our Website Below to Place Orders .. Will Reserve One day per Week for 
Pickup ..  


Jason and Angela Kerr
507 - 6009 - 9993
Holistic Vibrational Medicine 
A Healing Arts Practice Dedicated to the Wise, Original, & Sacred Ways of Recovering Harmony with Nature
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