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92nd spay/neuter clinic in Volcan

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43 animals were spayed/neutered by Dr. Andres Tello, our wonderful veterinarian, plus he removed two minor tumors from a male dog.


It was a long day. At about 6:30 we had everything packed up and in my car, ready to leave. Most volunteers had gone, leaving only me and Jose, Dr. Tello, Dee Braden and Stephanie Rodriguez. We had already locked the front door when we saw a skinny little female dog nearby. As always, I had dried food in my car. I put some on the porch. She was scared but hungry enough to come eat it. 

Me: "I wish we could spay her."
Dr. Tello: "Do you want to?"
Me: "Right now?"
Dr. Tello: "Yes."

Jose managed to capture her. We unlocked the building, unpacked the necessary supplies, and Dr. Tello spayed her right then. He operated on the side because she was still nursing puppies. He wouldn't even let me pay him for that dog. We love that wonderful man! Not only is he the most skilled, competent vet I've ever known, he also has such a very kind heart.

We have now sterilized 3,377 dogs and cats. Be sure to see my Flickr Album for pictures. The link is near the bottom of the web page. 

Our next clinic is on April 17th. Call right away for an appointment because the clinics fill up fast.


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