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GRAND OPENING --> Stress Relief Strategies at The Haven


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*** Grand Opening ***


Stress Relief Strategies and Referral Service

NEW at The Haven ~ Starting Saturday, April 2nd


Last week to make appointments with Dr. Sunny Roe, Wellness Educator, at her Special Introductory Rate for these gentle, life-changing technologies.


Call The Haven at 730-9345 or WhatsApp 6491-5578 before April 2nd and book your appointment for a Consultation, Body Balance, or Mind Balance session for just $30. Combine a Body Balance and Mind Balance back-to-back to create a Life Balance session for $60.

~ ~ ~

People are talking about Dr. Roe's Stress Relief Strategies

Now you can experience them for yourself!


1) Consultation (30 min. ~ $44, jubilado $36)

A meeting to review your health history, focus on your wellness concerns and goals, and develop a plan of action to improve your quality of life.


2) Body Balance (30 min. ~ $44, jubilado $36, package of 3/$99)

Gentle process to decrease tension on the nervous system. Facilitates relaxation and pain relief.


3) Mind Balance (30 min. ~ $44, jubilado $36, package of 3/$99)

Kinesiology (muscle testing) for the exploration of emotions, belief systems, or "habits of thought" that may impede healing. Enables mental clarity and stress reduction. Useful for addressing weight management, interpersonal relationships, and general emotional concerns. Similar to traditional talk-it-out therapy, with much quicker results!


4) Life Balance (60 min. for $88, jubilado $72, package of 3 for $199)

Combines Body Balance and Mind Balance, and includes wellness philosophies to accelerate the healing process. These sessions may consider lifestyle changes, diet, exercise, mindset options, goal setting, and methods for improved interpersonal communication.

Your body has the answers. Let's discover them together!



All information provided is for educational purposes only. 
It is not intended to diagnose or treat disease.

Consult your personal physician for medical advice.

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