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Holy Week Celebrations - St. John Catholic Church (San Juan Bautista)


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munity and Visitors,
We invite you to join us for these celebrations.  It is a true cultural and religious experience to see how the Panamanian celebrate these holy days.  There will also be an English-language mass at 9 AM on Sunday morning; we typically have Christians of all sects join our masses.  Please come join us!  Here's the schedule for today through Sunday.
·        Good Friday 25 March
o   10 AM Way of the Cross
o   3 PM Liturgy of the Passion and Adoration of the Cross
o   5 PM Women’s Procession beginning at SJB Church
o   7 PM Sermon of the 7 Words
o   8 PM Procession of the Sacred Tomb
·        Holy Saturday 26 March
o   9 PM Easter Vigil Mass – bring your water and candles to be blessed
·        Easter Sunday 27 March
o   8:30 AM Eucharist – Alto Lino Church
o   9 AM English Mass at SJB Chuch
o   10 AM Eucharist – Alto Boquete
o   11 AM Eucharist – SJB Church
o   6 PM Eucharist – SJB Church
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