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Video of proposed Metro Park in David


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Panama: $20 million Metropolitan Park

It has been announced that that earthworks will begin in the province of Chiriqui in an area of 30 hectares where a metropolitan park will be developed.

The project is being run by the City of David and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chiriqui, and will include "... recreational areas for children, youths and adults, areas for restaurants and social events, gardens, craft shops, parking lots, tourist areas, pet areas, a lake and a botanical garden. "

Prensa.com reports that "... The mayor, Francisco Vigil, said Pameda was presented and proposed as a recreational project in July 2014, to the City Council, and through agreement No.26 of July 30, 2014, was allocated 30 hectares of land on which to build it, and it was also established that its implementation should be the product of a joint effort between the city of David, a private company, the government, universities and civil society in general. "

"... Vigil said the commitment and expertise of its coordinator Manuel Molina, have brought together a team of professionals who have donated their time and labor to perfect designs, coupled with the President, Juan Carlos Varela, who approved and assigned $5 million for its initiation."
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