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Some information about your car license plates


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This information from Jacki Davis, local car transfer facilitator:

l.  The 2021 plate is officially been determined to be the first 5-year plate. There are no 2022 plates being issued. The person still has to go annually with a current Revisado/Inspection and pay for the registration fees (which appear to have not changed in price). They will give you a sticker for the plate for the current year. However, the deal I did this morning, they didn’t have the 2022 stickers yet (of course!) so they issued me a premiso letter and I have to go back to get the sticker at the end of March.  BUT GOOD NEWS, eh?!!
2.  Not so good news….in the past, if a person didn’t pay their registration and pick up their plate in the month of the cycle it is due, the penalty fee was just $3 and most people didn’t worry about it.  But as of NOW, the late fee is $25…so it would be good for people to know that.
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