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Money Really Can Buy You (Puppy) Love - $10 Adoption Fee


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Uma, Unico and Ukkie
These three lovely pups are 8 weeks old. They have been de-wormed and vaccinated and fixed. They were confiscated in Boquete from an indigenous woman who made the mother dog eat from the garbage bins in town, making her and her puppies sick and very weak. But since the puppies were two weeks old, they have been in a foster home together with their mom.  They all received proper food and care, so now they are healthy, playing, naughty puppies. They will be medium or a little above medium size dogs when they grow up.

Uma is the white and brown pup.  Ukkie was the smallest of the three pups.  Unico is the only boy, hence his name.




Zack and Zoë
These two adorable puppies are also looking for a new home. They are 6 weeks old, have been de-wormed, spayed/neutered and received their first vaccination.  Zack is on the left, Zoë on the right. This brother and sister are happy and playful.


If you would like to help us help the animals of Boquete and surrounding areas, please visit our website to make a donation:  http://www.arf-boquete.com/donate.html


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