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BULK ORGANICS BUYING CLUB of Boquete, invites you to bring your friends, join us and share in the benefits of our combined power.  Once each month, we collectively place a new order, and receive the previous order, of all our organic dry goods in bulk-size packaging, getting the best possible prices per pound.  The orders are shipped by ocean to minimize transportation costs.  Additionally, this way of buying, minimizes the carbon footprint of our purchases by greatly reducing packaging materials and transport fuel.  It is a re-creation of the great custom of Buying Club and Coop organic food services that have existed in other countries for decades, and hopefully something we can successfully model in Panama.  We have the advantage of a Distribution Center, where the unpurchased portions of items ordered are made available to other members, on a regular schedule.  This eliminates the need for many emergency air transport orders of single items, that we already have here in stock.  This centralization of organic food use, also provides important information for the local farming community.  There are things we order from the international market place, that could just as easily be grown here, if a farmer could get connected to the market.
Historically, Organic foods have cost more and been more difficult to find.  We attempt to address both of those issues by using our collective purchasing power to help our selves as we help each other.
For more information about our group, location and a list of our inventory/price list,  
contact:  email is most reliable, but fone service, including whatsap, is not.                             lapalmarosa@gmail.com  
Jane Moodie
"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."  --Albert Einstein

"Life on Earth lacks only one element of Heaven:  That we treat each other as though we were there."  --Jane
"Disease is not an attack on humanity.  It is a symptom of a collapse of fundamental health within our species."  --Dr. Zack Bush
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