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Brother and sister kittens need a new home urgently.


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They are well-loved kittens in excellent health, sterilized. Please see the current foster’s description below. You can contact her directly at lisaclairefrost@gmail.com  or losmininoscatsanctuary@gmail.com . Please note the kittens are near PC but Lisa has promised to transport them to Boquete.


The Male (with the white socks):

He is very friendly and outgoing. He loves to play fetch when you throw things for him. He is very trusting of people. If he wants to be petted, he will nudge your hand.


The Female (with lighter fur with orange stripes):

She is very shy at first of new surroundings and people but once you gain her trust (which doesn't take long) She is very loyal. She loves to talk to you and will respond if you talk back to her. She likes to climb and play with her favorite mouse toy.

They both absolutely love cuddles and have no preference to who can give them the cuddles. They will sit on your lap or by your side all day. We've trained them not to jump on counters and they come to you when you call them. They are very loyal and sweet. They are calm when you clip their nails and not terribly afraid of water, they don't mind being picked up. They are curious and active. We've raised them in an apartment with a cat-meshed balcony so they are perfectly comfortable indoor cats (But I'm sure they wouldn't mind a garden either).



Thank you 

Los Mininos Cat Cat Sanctuary
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