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Private Somatic Exercise Classes to Reduce Tension and Pain, and Build Strength


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Experience how slow, gentle, fluid and continual movement done with deep concentration reduces tension in the nervous system to diminish pain. Tune into the curiosity and creativity of the child within to play with movement and explore how all the parts of you interact. Then once you've begun to loosen up & feel how your body is built to move, add Pilates into your routine. Use a stretchy band, hand-weights and/or a Magic Circle to build arm, leg & core strength. Regain flexibility, muscle & ease of motion naturally. Take greater responsibility for how you feel and your degree of well-being. For those who are Committed to Improving the quality of his or her life and how one lives in one's skin.
Private classes are recommended for once, twice or three times a week to assist you toward your goals. Personal Training without machines. Susanna Clare, Master Instructor with 30 years experience. Certified in both Pilates and Yoga, a former Personal Trainer, Licensed Massage Therapist & Addictions Counselor, and a student & practitioner of several Somatic Exercise modalities for 20 years. Offering private Classes to men and women with an exercise history, just south of downtown Boquete.
"Prior to working in my home privately, I taught, pre-quarantine, group and private Pilates Classes at the Haven for 8 years. I now prefer to teach one on one an eclectic mix of all I've done during the course of my career. Movement and Exercise are my passion, and I totally love sharing it with others."- Susanna Clare
The first class is $25. Then one class a week [or less often] is $25, and 2 to 3 classes a week are $20 each; the total for the week to be paid at the first class.
To schedule your first appointment to share your situation and experience what the classes are about, do email Susanna at suzeclare@gmail.com
*Do note- "I am not a  medical professional, but an Exercise Instructor. I have found I work best with those who have an exercise history, and who are experiencing some movement restrictions or limitations during this period of his or her life. My classes are designed to complement and enhance one's current wellness routine."
P.S. "And Please Know Email is my sole method of communication.
Truly looking forward to meeting and working with you. Isn't it time to " Just Do it?"
Soon! Susanna
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