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Bags of cow manure + wood ash for composting: $3


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To the Boquete Community:
       Many gardens I have visited sorely need compost to increase organic matter in soil. This helps soil to retain nutrients that wash out in the rains and supports key fungi that feed the plant roots. Compost requires a mixture of carbon and nitrogen -- from materials such as leaves, kitchen waste, plant cuttings -- and it is facilitated some sort of manure. It also helps to have some fine elemental carbon -- fine charcoal -- because that binds various minerals and releases them slowly. Wood ash provides that; moreover, being alkaline, it reduces soil acidity.
   At the upcoming Library Plant Sale (Saturday, April 16) I will offer medium-sized sacks of cow manure, personally shoveled (by me) from the Petersons' Esmeralda Dairy. I have added wood ash from the Esmeralda coffee dryer. This material is ideal to combine with yard and kitchen waste in some dark corner of your property. To start the composting process, just add water! The materials break down and support the growth of all sorts of fungi that benefit your plants. Once the composting process starts, the pile should be covered by a sheet of black plastic (Ro-Her, Cooperativa; Melo; IVAN, Dorado) to retain moisture and heat and to protect the compost from constant drenching that will wash out the goodies.
   The material is not certified "organic" but it's a lot fresher and cleaner smelling than the "gallinaza" (chicken manure) from the chicken factories of Toledano. It's hard to price our product by weight because weight depends on how long the material has dried in the sun. So I will simply fill sacks with a fair mix of manure and wood ash, and price them at $3. All sales are for the library.
    I expect this material to be a popular item at the Sale, so order ahead, and I will reserve your sack(s).
Peter Sterling   psterlin@gmail.com
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