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New Veterinarian in Boquete

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New Vet Clinic in Boquete


Clinica Veterinaria San Jose

Dr. Jose M. Batista


Bajo Boquete just north of La Posada Restaurant on same side of the road.  730-9618  cell  6090-2503

He also has an office in David  730-3329

I want to personally recommend Dr. Batista as true professional and deeply caring veterinarian.  My very sick boxer received the best of care and attention from him and his staff.  Everything was explained to me and the logic of his protocol was clear and sensible.  He was loving and gentle with her, remaining hopeful but realistic.

His charges were very reasonable.  Although he does not speak English, his assistant does speak some.  He has answered all my calls promptly and has called me to make sure I have understood how to proceed.

If you have any questions feel free to call me at 6752 2283 Evelyn

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I understand Dr. Batista spends the majority of his time in the David clinic and is here only sporadically. In his absence, the staff have been known to treat conditions that demand the attention of a veterinarian, sometimes with bad results. So be sure you're actually seeing Dr. Batista if your pet is very ill or injured.

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I consulted several doctors in an emergency involving a pediatric spayed puppy who nearly died of tick fever.  Batista was the only one who not only responded but also gave me some concrete suggestions of medications to start since he would not be back to Boquete until several days later.  He spoke perfect English, his medical advice seemed sound to me (I'm a people emergency physician) and I would consult him again in a heartbeat. 

The puppy has survived, TG. 

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