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Some friends and I had dinner tonight at this new restaurant in town. It was wonderful. The interior is charmingly rustic, the service is excellent, the food was good, and the prices were reasonable. Like many restaurants owned by Panamanians, they need to learn how to market to gringos. Most foreigners don't even know that this restaurant exists. It's on the main street however you enter their large parking lot off the side street. The side street is the one going to Stone Cabins and across the street from the Mexican Restaurant. It's a beautifully renovated house (hence the name). It's blue. The place mats have photos of early Boquete.

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We all had the hamburgers (huge) but my friends had previously had the trucha a la aji (garlic trout) and proclaimed it wonderful. They had quite an extensive menu all the way from steaks to sandwiches. Cheapest was a two-cheese grilled sandwich with french fries for $6.

We were the only gringos in the restaurant. They should take a lesson from the Moon Valley doughnut people and learn to advertise to the gringo community. Unless you know the restaurant is there, you won't find it. There are wonderful photos of Boquete early in the 20th century on the walls and on the placemats.

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Everyone gave this restaurant such great reviews that I really, really wanted to like it.

But if i were to give it a 2 out of 5, I would be generous. All I had eaten all day was a breakfast bar and popcorn, so I was hungry and looking forward to the big burger. But they had no sandwiches, no sandwiches at all. When I asked why, the waitress said they had run out of bread. This was a little before 6:00 PM . Sugar and Spice is right down the block, so when they saw they were running out of bread, they could have bought some from Richard. He will sell you all the bread you want there. 

Just an idea.

Both my husband and I ordered the Caesar salads. The portion sizes were small and if there was salad dressing on it, neither of us could taste it. The chicken was tender and well flavored, but we left hungry.

On the bright side, our waitress was excellent. When I asked for more Parmesan cheese (there was hardly any on the salad), she brought some right away and brought some for my husband too, who didn't ask for some. When I asked why there was no dressing on the lettuce, she brought dressing right away, and it was good.

Maybe it was a very bad night. i don't know. If other customers keep posting they have had good experiences there, we will try it again. Good service. Poor management (buy bread, put dressing on your salad). Jubliado discount was cheerfully given.



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As Bud suggested, I contacted Michelle  with our previous concerns that when we went there a couple weeks ago there were no sandwiches and the salad was mediocre at best. As a result, Michelle  comped us two burgers at Casa Vieja.

I am so glad we went back! The burgers were by far the best in town, thick and juicy with good fresh condiments. Again, the service was excellent- very attentive without being intrusive.

Will definitely go back there again. If the burgers say anything about the rest of their food, Casa Vieja is a winner.

And so nice that there is a concerned co-owner who listened to my concerns and took action.

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