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Buckeyes about to make the big move


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Thanks for the opportunity to post here, and for the assistance offered as we begin our big move from the Buckeye State to Boquete. Mariah and I attended our first newcomers conference at yesterday's Tuesday market, and it was very informative. A couple of things going forward: If anyone is aware of a one or two bed rental within an easy walk of downtown, price range $650 to $850/Mo., short or long term lease, we'd appreciate hearing about it. We have no pets, no smoking, no kids, and we're eager to be immersed in Espanol so we can learn a lot of the language as quickly as possible. Also, if anyone has a microwave oven they don't use, or need to sell, let me know. Mariah and I will be in Boquete exploring more until May 9th. Our plan is to be back in Panama no later than September 1st. 

Thanks again--By Edgington


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Hola By and Mariah

This is Penny Barrett; You met me at yesterday's newcomer meeting (I introduced the speakers and kept the meeting moving).

Those of us from the Wolverine state aren't much in favor of Buckeyes, but I'll make an exception. If I can help you with anything you can email me at pjbarrett@aol.com

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