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Lightning Is Coming


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Is your home or business protected from surges from Lightning or Union Fenosa?
It's the dry season and the perfect time to schedule a site survey to determine your vulnerability to damaging electrical surges. I install a pair of the highest quality panel mount surge protectors, one for lightning and one for utility generated surges. Do you have a panel mount surge protector already installed? If so, you might not have the levels of protection that you've been led to believe since the most common units degrade over time and need to be replaced at least every 5 years. If your protector has indicator lights, you have the type that needs replacement. My products do not degrade with the passage of time and offer superior protection for both low and high energy events.
Any wire entering the building can carry a lighting surge, including telephone, cable tv, internet radio, etc. If you want true whole-house protection, each of these points of vulnerability need to be addressed.
Email today to set an
Your Boquete Expert for:

*Surge Protection
*Lighting Design and Installation
*Generators and Transfer Switches
*Energy Monitoring


*30 Years Experience


Boquete Electrical Solutions
Impeccable Craftsmanship
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