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Country Fried Steak, Hand Made Tacos and more


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September Calendar at Mesa Azul:

This Month at Mesa Azul!!!

3 Course Mondays for $15

September 6th Country Fried Steak with Mashed potatoes and gravy

September 13th Fajitas with sour cream,cheese and pico de gallo

September 20 Smoked Pork Ribs

September 27 Chicken and Dumplings 

Taco Thursdays 3 taco's made from Blue corn Tortillas

Latin Lines Dance Class Fridays with All you can Drink Margaritas and Mojitos $15

For more information or to make your reservation call us at 6455-9988 or click here for whatsapp https://wa.link/uy7269 


From Chef Ben! weekly updates to find out What its Like to be new in Panama and Run a business!!

I’m sure most expats would agree, there is a big difference in cost of items in Panama
compared to the States. Or better yet, the adjustment to the differences! This adjustment has
defiantly been something for me to get used to since I arrived, and I’m still not fully adjusted.
Especially as a business owner, this has been hard to get used to. For example, I was going
to run an enchilada special. My first thought was to go with cheese enchiladas, something simple
but traditional. My business partner reminded me that “queso” (me working on my Spanish)
would cause us to raise the price of the meal. As many of you know, on Mondays we have a set
price for all Chef Bens specials. Cheese costs more here than it does in the states so I went with
Pollo enchiladas. That is defiantly an adjustment, seeing as chicken would defiantly cost more
then cheese back in Texas.
That along with getting quotes for varies things, and thinking with my “U.S brain” and
being like, wow! That’s cheap! Only to find out that the price I was quoted is very expensive for
Panama standards! Next time in your in-Mesa Azul, I would love to hear your stories and how you
have adjusted to the differences here! But really, I love meeting new people and getting to know
everyone in this great community!


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