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NEW 'Live' Yoga Classes in Boquete


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Three experienced yoga instructors have joined together to offer a robust yoga schedule of live classes! All classes are held in "the studio for yoga & pilates" at the Haven Spa, in Bajo Boquete. 
ASHTANGA VINYAYA FLOW w/ Sigrid Schneider (of Sigrid Yoga)
Monday & Thursday 7:30 am
Saturday 8:00 am
The Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow Yoga modality is a very dynamic yoga practice that combines exercises or postures –asanas- with breathing techniques. During the practice, synchronized breathing and movements of the Vinyasa type are combined, which link each posture with the next, designed to follow an exact number of movements and breaths. The goal is to achieve greater synchronization and enjoy a vigorous practice. 
Asanas work strength, endurance and the elimination of toxins, improve your capacity for emotional control. In addition to working your body and mind from a holistic perspective, improving your fitness and self-knowledge, it is one of the most interesting and recommended exercises to learn to control emotions and stimulate the mind more. Not surprisingly, it is said that yoga allows us to increase our capacities by knowing how to avoid and deal with stressful situations, and above all, promoting concentration and relaxation, keys to free creativity. Suitable for all audiences.
GENTLE YOGA w/ Joy Alexander (of Yoga Boquete)
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:30 am
Traditional yoga poses blend with somatic movement to heal and unite body, mind and spirit. Great for beginners or those who prefer a slower, more gentle style. Experience enhanced breath/body awareness, as you strengthen, stretch, and smile your way into the day! Benefits include increased strength, flexibility, balance, & overall improved well-being. 
Requests Are Encouraged! Each class is tailored to the group's needs. This is done in the spirit of traditional yoga where asanas (poses) were 'prescribed' for various conditions (ie, back pain, tight shoulders, etc.) Hence, the more you attend practice... and provide feedback... the more supportive and deep your experience will become. 
THERAPEUTIC YOGA FLOW w/ Suzanne Dufresne (of Namaste Boquete)
Monday 5:30 pm
Therapeutic Yoga Flow Is designed to relieve back pain and sciatica by realigning the sacrum and releasing tension from the low back, hips and glutes. Class consists of gentle movement sequences to help improve the body’s movement patterns. Class sequences also include joint releasing, core strengthening, balancing poses and breathing techniques to bring the body back into balance. Requests are taken at the beginning of each class to focus on any condition or imbalance you may be working with.
VINYASA FLOW w/ Suzanne Dufresne
Tuesday &Thursday 9:00 am
Vinyasa Flow is an All levels class that links breath to movement. Class is slow paced to focus on alignment and balance. Moving slower in vinyasa helps to build strength as we focus on the muscles to keep us strong while relieving stress from the joints. Poses are held once warmed up to gain flexibility as well as strength. Class will also focus on core work to help build stability in balancing. Requests are taken at the beginning of class to focus on the needs of the students.
BEGINNERS YOGA w/ Sigrid Schneider
Tuesday 5:30 pm
This is a very gentle yoga where depending on the physical and emotional condition of the student, a sequence of postures is performed to strengthen and stretch, taking the time to explain each Asana and verify its respective alignment.
DEEP CORE YOGA w/ Joy Alexander
Saturday 10:00 am
An intentional, yet challenging practice! This core-focused class combines traditional yoga postures with targeted movements, to strengthen, tone, and stretch the muscles that control the spine. Extending beyond the familiar abdominal "six pack", the core muscles include the muscles of the pelvic floor, inner/outer hip, deep spinal muscles, and the 'breathing' muscles. A well-developed core provides essential spinal stability, improves posture, and may to helps alleviate back, hip, knee and even neck pain. Suitable for all levels.
YIN YOGA w/ Suzanne Dufresne
Sunday 10:00 am
Yin yoga was developed to penetrate deep into connective tissue expanding flexibility while invigorating the energy centers of the body (nadis) to release blockages and increase your energy flow. Poses are held for 3 minutes to allow the muscles to relax completely while focusing on breath to calm the mind. Yin is the perfect addition to any yoga practice or athletic activity as it will speed up recovery, reduce injuries, improve range of motion, focus and breath efficiency. 
Spa Class Prices: BQT Residents $8.00; Visitors $10.00
Class size is limited.  Pre-registration is suggested, but not required! 
You may either pre-register directly with the instructor or through the Haven Spa (507) 730-9345.
Please note, all safety precautions per MINSA are followed. Temperature & hand-sanitizer upon entry. Masks are required, until one is safely on their appropriately spaced yoga mat. The yoga studio has double-doors that open for fresh air, as well as overhead fans. And although The Haven does have (regularly cleaned & disinfected) yoga mats & blocks available, you are encourage to bring and care for your own yoga mat / supplies. 
If you have any questions or concerns, or need directions... you may reply directly to this email. 
See you on the mat! 🙂
Joy, Sigrid, & Suzanne
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