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Priest charged with sex abuse of minor


Posted 13/04/2021

A 58-year-old priest Arístides Rodríguez Otero is in provisional detention after being accused of groping, kissing, and taking nude photographs of his 5-year-old nephew.

The investigations began on April 5 after the complaint of the minor's mother revealed the first superior prosecutor Luis Martínez.

According to the first investigations, the priest  traveled to the Barú district with his nephew and then took him to the river to take nude photographs of him.

Prosecutor Gladys Palacios said that the crimes are reprehensible, which is why she requested preventive detention and separation from his position as a priest in Gualaca.

The priest was apprehended last Sunday and, judicial authorities found photographs of the naked minor on his cell phone.

Judge Pablo González, legalized the detention, and admitted the formulation of charges for the crimes of aggravated libidinous acts and obscene exhibitionism, and applied the precautionary measure of detention preventive.

The defender requested that he be granted the precautionary measure to sign periodically,  but was denied by the judge.

An appeal hearing was set for April 21.

The judge granted the Public Ministry a term of six months to complete the investigations.

The detainee was the parish priest of the Nuestra Señora de Los Angeles Catholic Church in the Gualaca district.



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Church removes accused sex-abuse priest


Accused priest heads for detention cells

Posted 14/04/2021

The Diocese of David has confirmed the removal from office of the priest Aristides Rodríguez Otero, indicted on Monday for the charges of libidinous acts and obscene exhibitionism to a minor, in the community of Gualaca, in Chiriqui.

"It is very painful that a member of the clergy is allegedly involved in such acts, absolutely reprehensible and to which we express our zero tolerance," said the diocese.

It  added that this type of incident hurts in the depths of the heart and pastoral sensitivity, especially that the alleged victim was a child under 5 years of age.

"We offer our humble apologies to all and ask for your intense prayer for the alleged victim and the alleged perpetrator," the statement said.



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