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ARF February Report


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We would like to send out a big THANK YOU to all who donated towards Samuel’s surgery.  He is the little guy who had his leg broken and required serious surgery.  Unfortunately, as most of you already know, Samuel’s leg had to be amputated.  He is doing fine now and will be healing for the next couple of months. 


Our donations were very good this month and we thank everyone who contributed.  A total of $3842.75 was received.  This includes Hoedown ticket sales as well as donations for Samuel and general donations. 

Expenses came to $2001.74.  The high expenses were primarily due to past receipts that needed to be reimbursed to our fosters which, thankfully, we are all caught up on now.  Also, Samuel’s surgery contributed to the higher output this month.


5 dogs were adopted and 1 cat found its forever home.


In February we have taken in 3 malnourished dogs-one an extreme case.  We have also taken on two that are being treated for skin conditions.  


One thing that we wanted to mention is that very often we find that people in the community think that ARF and Amigos De Animales are one in the same.

ARF and Animales are actually two separate organizations and perform different but equally valuable functions in the community.

While Animales focuses on their monthly spay/neuter clinics, ARF focuses on rescuing, fostering, and adopting the animals in Boquete and surrounding areas.  

We work closely with Animales, and ARF animals are spayed/neutered at their clinics, and many ARF volunteers also volunteer for Animales. 


Our Hoedown event was sold out and was a great success.  We have some other great events in the works.  Bingo will be the beginning of April, and we have a “High Tea” planned at Jardin at the end of April. 


Thanks again to all who support ARF and Animales in our mutual goal of the betterment of the animal community.


You can make a donation to ARF by visiting our website:  http://www.arf-boquete.com/donate.html


Lisa Mosley
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