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Sparky is BACK...and so is the LIGHTNING


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My car is finally repaired after a nearly two month adventure trying to find a part...long story, not worth retelling, we know the reality of where we live...

Sincere apologies to all of my customers who either: were left in the lurch, suffered long delays, or never received estimates...it was a bleak time...except for my neighbor, Holly, who graciously kept me going with the use of her car.. thank you!

But, better days are here again, we are getting rain...I LOVE the rain!

You know what's coming next, right? Surge Protection against the lightning that's been accompanying the rain...lightning is beautiful, unless it destroys your precious electronics or other appliances.

If you want the BEST protection, I'm your guy...30 years experience with all things electrical in your home or business. Not appliance repair, that's Mark at Pereferia (link below)

I also love problems, troubleshooting is a specialty, take me to your electrical gremlins and I'll show them what for.

Finally, and this is a little tricky so bear with me, when you hire me you are also supporting our community website Boquete & Beyond. Boquete Electrical Solutions has been subsidizing this project for 4 years and it's been a blast. We've provided free order forms to vendors for the last year, starting when the Tue Mkt shut down. DogCamp and Los Mininos Cat Sanctuary websites have been on our servers for several months so that they no longer need to pay hosting expenses. All of our community outreach groups have carte blanche for whatever we can provide them to be fully represented on our site. 99% of everything on the site is provided for free...pretty fun...Boquete is incredible, I can't imagine living anywhere else.

Kevin Fisher

Boquete Electrical Solutions


Contact Mark for appliance repairs and many other services... Pereferia SA



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