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It's been a while since we communicated with the community and we have a few noteworthy items to share.
Our Donations page has been updated to Donations, Fundraisers & Volunteering Now that life is returning to normal and fundraising activities are resuming, I will endeavor to add all events to this page. It helps if I am sent the information directly, I try to catch all of them from News.Boquete emails but I might miss one now and then, so please keep me updated here kevin@boquete.app
Volunteering goes hand in hand with Fundraising and Community Outreach, and two organizations in particular are asking for help:
The Handicap Foundation (Fundacion Pro-Integracion) seeks help at their Goodwill Retail Store, particularly for someone to repair small electronic items, and with building maintenance.
ACC Boquete urgently needs volunteers for a variety of projects.
Please visit our Jobs & Ride Sharing Forum, Rendezvous where you will find a special section for Volunteers Needed. Any charitable organization can create their own post.
Remember to register for the Rotary Auction and bid on your favorite items.
To see the master list of all Boquete outreach groups, please visit Community Resources
As always, many thanks to Jeff Dufresne for keeping this ship afloat.
For more information, please contact kevin@boquete.app
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