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Please Replay to: ytwetteng@hotmail.com
Did you know that Boquete has a nice place for Children to play?


It is PARQUE EL TROPEZÓN, the park is located along the Caldera River

it has those colorful big boulders. It is near Downtown Suites, Pensión Marilos

and Hotel Reboquet.

The Park has a play ground with swings, slides and an Official Soccer Field that 

it is in need of renovation.


Club Rotario de Boquete  has collaborated with the Municipality of Boquete

to renovate this park. 

The Mayor of Boquete Emigdio Walker, Marcial Suárez, Representante of Bajo

Boquete, Architect Nury Delgado and  the Parents soccer Association along with

Club of Boquete have taken on this important project.


Plans for renovation have been prepared and were approved by the Municipality 

of Boquete through the efforts of Justin Rambo, a Rotary member.


The project includes

A fence separating the playground from the soccer field, sodding, irrigation,

lighting and a bathroom.


THIS PROJECT IS A "COMMUNITY EFFORT " you can be part of it!


Yard Sale at the Gazebo of Boquete´s Central Park


*        On Sunday March 20th.  there will be a Yard Sale in the Gazebo of

Boquete Central Park from  9:00am. to 3:00 pm. 

100% of the funds collected will go to PARQUE EL TROPEZÓN.



Clothing, Shoes, House Hold Items, Jewelry, Furniture and appliances will be

greatly appreciated.


*          Please bring your donations to the Rotary Club of Boquete Table at The

  Tuesday Meeting from:  9:00 am. to Noon.


*         We will be collecting donations for the next two weeks.


*         If you would like to arraigned a pick up please answer this email or call:


*         Jim Mc.Callum 6754-7401       jimwonderland@yahoo.com

*         Ralph Day 6782-8266              twodays@aol.com                               

*         Yolanda Vega 6702-9541         ytwettengl@hotmail.com




*        A fence has been place in the Park to separate the Playground from the

Soccer Field.


*        Twenty-five spaces are available on the fence for you to advertise your business.



*        You can also make a family contribution and receive your name on a sponsor wall.


*        For more information contact: Beverly Enns at 6300-5348 Beverly.enns@gmail.com


All community groups, families and businesses are welcome to be part of this amazing

project for the children of Boquete and visiting children who are looking for a fun day with

family and friends in this renovated Park.


Thank you in advance for being part of this great project!



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