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La Cuchilla - Burgers and Beers - Great Food and Service in Bajo Boquete

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Marcelyn and I joined a few other amigos last Friday late afternoon for a dining experience. The name of the eatery is La Cuchilla, which is Spanish for "the knife". La Cuchilla is located in Bajo Boquete where BQT used to be located before the pandemic caused its demise. 

I have to tell you right up front that the customer service was superb. For instance, there are both outdoor tables and indoor seating (kinda "indoor" given that the "walls" are such that air can circulate; see below). We opted for the indoor seating because Boquete has been windy and cool recently, and this was late afternoon with the sun beginning to set. The entire staff came out to arrange the tables so that we could sit as a group. We did not even ask for that kind of service, but there it was.

Below is a picture of the food delivery station;  the order station is on the right side of the container building. I purposefully left in the image the bamboo "wall" (on the left side of the image). The bamboo walls can be a good clue for when you are trying to locate the restaurant.


The food selection is as expected for this kind of restaurant. See the below picture of the menu selections. Prices are very reasonable. The food preparation and quality of the ingredients was excellent. Serving sizes were large, but not enormous (thank goodness). Drink selections are bottled water, soft drinks, and beers. There is no hard liquor. Much to our surprise, credit cards are accepted.



The staff listens well, and notes special requests. For instance, Marcelyn does not like onions and wants her meat to be well done (not even pink'ish). Those special requests were honored. Further, the very fresh hamburger bun was toasted, which is not normal here in this area. Toasted buns is one of our desired food preparation steps.

Some of our dining group participants ordered different varieties of chicken wings. One of our group was raving about the chicken wings being perfectly prepared, some of the best he had ever eaten.

Below is a picture of the great staff, all with smiles and willing to give good customer service. Bottom line here is great food and good value. We will return.



As for contact information, the cash register receipt gives 720-7294 as the telephone number, and info@restaurantelacuchilla.com for email.

For location: when exiting Bajo Boquete but before going up the incline and left curve as you would to pass by CEFATI, go a bit further past the right exit for the Haven Spa, and you will see a left angle exit off Calle Principal. Take that left angular exit, go no more than 200 feet, and then turn right into the parking grounds for La Cuchilla. According to Google Maps this business is still flagged as "BQT Sport and Grill", which is obviously old information. The street address is shown as Calle 13a Sur 6111, Bajo Boquete, but without street signs that kind of address is of little benefit.

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Dear Bud and friends,

This is Laura, owner of La Cuchilla. I hope you are doing well. Thank you so much for this post. We really appreciated.  We are really new on this business and we are trying hard to do things right. Our vision is give you a really good customer service, serve great food and keep it like that!!

I am content to know that you have enjoyed the experience of La Cuchilla. Again thank you so much for the review.

Always welcome. Greetings,

Laura and La Cuchilla Team.


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Several of us returned to La Cuchilla last Friday for dinner. Again, great food, great customer service, and good value. Marcelyn and i had dinner with drinks for less than $10. One of our party had the pork ribs plate and it looked scrumptious. We plan to try the ribs plate on our next visit to La Cuchilla.

Here is another shot of their menu, as it existed last Friday (in case of selection changes or price changes), along with two "grab" shots.




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