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Clinic Report and Newsletter January 2021 ūüėļ


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Clinic Report and Newsletter January 2021 

On Sunday January 17, Amigos de Animales spayed or neutered 110 animals, 37 dogs and 73 cats with two vets working along with our wonderful clinic volunteers.

On Sunday January 31, we spayed or neutered 118 animals, 54 dogs and 64 cats again with two vets working and the volunteers who keep it all going.

The need is great in the community and since we are not able to have our large clinics, we are doing smaller ones as frequently as we can. Whatever it takes!

These are the statistics for the two January clinics, thanks to Andy Mitchell who compiles all this information and more after every clinic.

Food Collection

The people of Boquete are still finding it hard to feed their families and their animals. We have been collecting dog and cat food while our friend, Kirsten Quimby (who must be the hardest working person in Panama), has been distributing the food to families and the feeding stations, along with Martha Miranda, and others to ensure that the animals are cared for in these difficult times. Thanks also to Larry White who goes to PriceSmart every month to pick up 15 bags of dog food and 15 bags of cat food. Once the food is brought up to Animales, Kirsten and crew re-package it for distribution. Below is the distribution of the food:

15  bags of cat food:

   1 cats at Bldg. 

   1 Martine's neighbor 

  2  Anays Morales-Alto Boquete 

   1 Anayansi Montenegro-Palmira

   3 Martha's neighbors 

   2 Virgilio 

   2 Jenny Contreras-Los Naranjos 

   3 Gleyda


15 bags of dog food:

   1 for dogs at Bldg 

   4 Virgilio

   1 Martha's cousin, Maria, feeding big dog since Covid

   1 Alidia

   1 Lisbeth-Martha's deaf neighbor & Martha's mentally challenged neighbor w/ dog Tato

   1 Mr Biero-Martha's neighbor with old dog

   1 Rita-Sra Uba's daughter 

   2 dogs in Martha's neighborhood 

   1 Milly-Family Gia helps out

   1 Dalys

   1 Magdalena-Alto Boquete 


If you would like to help with this important service, you can leave bags of pet food at Amigos de Animales, at one of our clinics, or contact me for help.

We will also soon be at a table at the BCP Tuesday Market at the Feria to make it easier for food drop-off and we will have information about our coming events.

Our 2021 calendar was a big success thanks to editor Fran Hogan, the photographers, our advertising sponsors, and everyone who purchased our calendar. We are now taking requests for the pet pages in the 2022 calendar. Contact Alicia at akcleavenger@hotmail.com.


Mobile Van

Another example of our community coming together is our Mobile Van fund, we are almost at our goal! We will be talking to Oscar Hernandez about finding a suitable vehicle and hope to soon be taking our services to the communities where we are needed. We are so appreciative of everyone who has donated and made this important goal a reality.


Thank you, Boquete!

Animales will be giving a talk with the BCP Community Chats at the Library on March 18 about Caring For Your Pet in Panama. This presentation will include a panel discussion on how to help your pet in an emergency and will include emergency kits for purchase at the end. Watch for the announcement by the BCP on how to register for this event.


We are also preparing for our annual fundraiser. Proceeds from this will enable us to continue our clinics and outfit our Mobile Van. This year, since travel is still limited, our fabulous prizes will be focused on things to do in and around Panama. Details coming soon!


New Clinic Registration Procedure

Due to MINSA regulations, we are currently doing clinics by appointment only. Therefore you cannot register through the website.

To get on the pre-registration list e-mail us at  boqueteanimales@gmail.com or call  6563 8686.

Before each clinic we will contact people in order of pre-registration. We will send them a link to register their animal(s).

Once registration is complete we will notify people of their appointment time(s).

If you have any questions contact us at boqueteanimales@gmail.com or call  6563 8686.

Please be sure to read the (FAQ) frequently asked questions.

There are many ways that you can help Amigos de Animales.
If you would like to volunteer for Animales, contact
If you can to donate dog or cat food, please drop off at the Amigos de Boquete office in Alto Dorado or contact me at akcleavenger@hotmail.com
Don't forget, the Animales Events Center is available to rent for meetings and gatherings of any kind. For rates and dates, contact us.
If you wish to make a cash donation:

We know lots of you use Amazon but did you know that you can shop and do good at the same time? Sign up for Amazon Smile and support Animales with every purchase
Here is how you can sign up:
How to shop
1. Visit smile.amazon.com
2. Sign in with your
Amazon.com credentials
3. Search for the charity of your choice:
Amigos de Animales, Inc.  Ft. Myers, FL
4. Select it as your charity
5. Start shopping! ‚Äď remember that you always have to go to
smile.amazon.com to donate.
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