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Organic Green Tomatoes


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In the past, I have had requests for green tomatoes from a few friends.  I’m really not sure the extent of the interest to others.  Well, now is the time.  I have over 400 tomato plants and now is the time to pick the desired green tomatoes.
This Tuesday, February 16, I will be somewhere on the street between the BCP and the Arco Iris markets.  Look for a deep blue VW pickup.  I will also be available all afternoon at a private home just less than a mile from the markets.  If you are interested in buying in the afternoon, please send me or call at one of my contacts and I’ll forward you a map to the location.  If you can’t make it anytime on Tuesday send me a message and I’ll do my best to make arrangement to get you some tomatoes in the next day or so.
Organic green tomatoes are $1.25 per pound.
As a side note, ripe tomatoes will be available in a week or two.  Our next crop of organic sweet corn may be available in as soon as three weeks.
Whatsapp, Telegram and Signal at 507.6521.4325
Cell number 6521.4325
Email:  enetrp@mobilmail.net
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