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Watercolor? I have always wanted to do that!!


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Next Beginner Class in February and March 2021

Join a very small circle for a unique creative experience,

taught by a professional teacher and watercolor painter.

  We meet in a beautiful setting at my home in Valle Escondido.


Emphasizing demonstrations (including a few short video clips) and practice, this class covers the basics of what a new painter needs to know: the magic of letting water move the paint,  the elements of composition , color combinations that appeal, various painting techniques: blending, lifting, dry brush, washes, hard and soft edges, painting wet on wet and wet on dry, the many ways to use your brushes, and creating a small chart of greens that you blend yourself.  Bring your questions and prepare to have a wonderful time. Nothing compares to the support and sharing of a friendly, instructive circle to enhance and motivate your art experience.

Check out the comments of my former students Testimonials


Number of artists: 5

Slots available:  4


To register, email your intent to foothillgal44@yahoo.com

Fee for students bringing their own professional materials: $100

Fee for Beginner Students–Materials provided by Instructor:  $139  or you can make a deposit of $60. 


Payment must be made in advance by going to this link. Classes
All materials provided including Arches Professional 100 per cent cotton paper– 140 lb. paper, professional brushes, and Turner Paints which are Artist Quality.  

Yours to keep: a Box of 18 Watercolor Tubes, 6 sheets of Professional Paper plus: 2 small palettes,  a spray bottle, a #12 round brush, color wheel,  a kneaded eraser, a small booklet for taking notes and sketching, and twelve colored pictures to use as references. All of theses items are yours to keep when you leave class.  The 6 sheets of Paper are yours to use at home, not in class.  Professional paper is provided by instructor for class use.  All items have been ordered over the internet to ensure the best quality. Panama does not have quality watercolor materials.


You receive 12 1/2 hours of instruction from a professional teacher and painter.  Check out my website at www.barbarawillwallace.com


Classes are held from 9:30 am to 12 pm.  The dates are: Feb. 22, 24, 27 and March 2, 5


Masks are required in class.

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