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Spanish Tutoring~ Bodywork Service~ Hollistic Coaching


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Happy February♡♡

Spanish tutoring is available for those who want to take a further step into their spanish conversation. (No boring books or endless writing) Conversation and listening by training your ears are the first step into learning any language. 
Interpretation is also available for:
Lawyers office visit
Doctor's visit
DMV offices
One on one interpretation
For the month of february♡💗
Lomi~ Lomi (hawaiian Massage) $45.00 1 hour
Therapeutic Massage $45.00
Couple's Relaxing Massage $80.00
Back~ Scalp~ Hands and Feet only  $40.00
Hollistic and Nutrition Coaching
Joint and General body aches are one the main causes of inflamation which is caused by several factors ( obesity, poor nutrition, lack of physical activity a sedentary lifestyle) or illness are culprits for such conditions.
Small adjustments to our lifestyle can bring the changes needed to start the healing process to better health, regardless of age🤗
NO HOUSE CALL FEES(except for areas in Los Naranjos, Palmira and Beyond the check point) 
For appointements contact 
Mimi Stewart
E~mail: misssirena26@yahoo.com
Web: healwiththemermaid.webs.com
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