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News from the vendors @ THE Tuesday Market at TapOut


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Hello to everyone,

Reaching out to you to make you aware of a couple of exciting things. As always, we have our free raffle at THE Tuesday Market @ TapOut and for this coming Tuesday (the 2nd of February) our generous vendor Piero Mercanti, from Milky Way Creamery, is donating $20 to the raffle! So make sure you pass by THE Market, fill in a paper and participate to win that $20 to spend at his table the week after.

Another lovely promotion I want to mention comes from The Boquete Handicap Foundation. They are at the spot to sell books (for a small amount starting at $0.50) and receive donations at the same time. The profits of the book sale goes 100% to the foundation so it’s a good cause. They want to offer you the deal of ’’buy 2 books, get 1 for free’’ !!

And last but not least I would like to mention that the Boquete Health and Hospice is organizing a blood drive on Saturday the 6th of March. At THE Tuesday Market @ TapOut you can find them and you are able to schedule your hour if you can and are willing to help.

See you on Tuesday!

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