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The BCP: Let's Dispel the Myths and Rumors!


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The BCP: Let's Dispel the Myths and Rumors!


If you are new to Boquete or have heard rumors about the BCP, we would like to set the record straight:


Is the BCP a business?


Yes and No: It's a corporation – Boquete Centro de Eventos, SA - doing "business" as the "BCP." Like any corporation, there are shareholders. However: The mission statement of the BCP is "Enriching the life of the Boquete Community through the Arts, Entertainment, Community Events, and Services." Like all members of the BCP, the board of directors are volunteers in service of our mission. 


Is the BCP a Theater Company?


Yes – But Much More!: The BCP started as a theater group. In fact, it started the first community theater in Panama and is planning to produce many more plays, musicals, and other productions when the current health restrictions are lifted. The ticket prices pay for the scenery, costumes, and additional costs. Any "profit" from ticket sales goes directly to other BCP community efforts. No actor, producer, director, musician, or technician gets paid in a BCP production.


So yes, while the BCP was and still is a "Theater Company," over time, it has morphed into an organization staffed by volunteers who are dedicated to serving and meeting the needs of the entire Boquete community.


Is the BCP a Building?


No – But it was … sort of: In the past, you probably heard people say they were going to the BCP. Well, we leased and remodeled an old, rundown building and spent tens of thousands of dollars, contributed by many Boquetenans, to build out the facility, including the theater. Over the years, BCP continued to maintain and remodel the building. In 2020, our lease was not renewed, and recently we've been told to remove all of the BCP equipment from the theater.


What does the BCP do?


The BCP Tuesday Market: The BCP took over the Tuesday Market operations 14 years ago after it was started by a small group of local ex-pats. When our lease on the building we refurbished was not renewed, we relocated the Tuesday Market to the beautiful, light, and bright Arco Iris Room at the Feria.


The market's purpose has always been to promote local vendors and provide them with a place to sell their goods within a community gathering place. Like all BCP activities, any profit from the market goes right back into helping the community. While vendors pay for their market space, charities do not.


The Tuesday Talks – (Now the BCP Community Chats): In 2007, the BCP integrated the Tuesday Talks into the Tuesday Market. We now refer to them as the BCP Community Chats, where the community can learn about an endless list of subjects from life in Panama to nature, health, and just about everything else. The BCP Community Chats are now on select Thursdays and held in the Boquete Library.


Community Support: The BCP is dedicated to helping the various, and wonderful charities of Boquete reach their goals and connect with the community by providing them free space in the BCP Tuesday Market. We also organize and host their talks at the BCP Community Chats. And we stand with them, ready to help each of them in any way we can to meet their goals of serving the community. 


Theatrical, Musicals, and Social Events: The BCP started as a theater company and, while it has grown to be much more, theatrical productions remain at its heart. Due to the uncertainty with health regulations and the future availability of the theater we built, we are in the process of establishing new and exciting venues for future productions. In addition to shows, to further support the community, we are planning on hosting regular member mixers at local restaurants. This will provide an opportunity for our members to get to know each other while we support our local establishments.


Can you help?


Yes, you can!:  The BCP is always looking for members to help us achieve our goals of serving the community we all love. Our members are the people you see organizing the market or the community chat, or perhaps taking tickets at a show. We need members to keep our long tradition of community service alive. Please consider joining the BCP and helping when you can.



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