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ANGEL - This little girl was in an accident, but is all better now – it appears that she was dragged by a car for a short distance.  Her feet were slightly wounded, but are now healed. 

Angel is a little delight.  She is about 11 pounds.   She walks well on a leash, plays with kittens, and also does well in a car.

She does like to be held or be beside you most of the time.  She will be ready for adoption after this month’s spay and neuter clinic on the 20th.


BUSTER - aka  - Senor Bustermente is a street dog that was found in Dolega.   He has settled into home life very well and loves walks.  He will need a fenced in yard because if left to roam he may just go for a walk-about and not come back.  

Buster is a good watchdog and always seems to be in a good mood as his tail never stops wagging.  He has a delightful personality and will make an excellent companion.  Buster is also a very well behaved pup.  He is about 3-4 years old, neutered and healthy.  Buster is on the smaller side.....just under 18 pounds.


ELLE MAE – This little girl is still with us.  There have been a few people interested who have met Elle Mae, but she seems to fit in the category of “not small enough”.  She weighs about 12 pounds.  Elle Mae is a very friendly pup and gets along with other dogs.  She will let you know when she has to go outside and use the facilities, loves going for walks (walks well on a leash) and also loves to sunbathe. She also gets along well with cats.

Elle Mae was found wandering the streets of downtown Boquete.  She has lots of energy and loves to play.  She is about a year and a half old, has had her shots and has been spayed. 




Winnie is very happy, she's wagging her tail, eating VERY well and after 1 week, she has gained 1 kg in weight (little over 2 lbs), which is very good. Her weight is now about 16 kg - she should be about 25 kg. That may not seem like much, but it took months for her to become this skinny, and gaining her weight back too soon is not good and not healthy.  Her diet consists of the special (Hepatic) dry and canned food, boiled rice and boiled liver.  She also gets liver protection pills twice a day.


If you would like to make a donation towards her recovery, please visit the ARF Donate Web Page: http://www.arf-boquete.com/donate.html. Thank you!


Lisa Mosley
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