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Holistic Panama - Welcome New Clients


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Holistic Panama 


  •  We are a Holistic Health & Wellness Practice Here in Boquete ...  
  • A Healing Arts Center Dedicated to the Natural Medicine Practices that are Wise and Organically Aligned with Nature ...  
  • We are a Husband and Wife Healing Force with  Over 20 years Extensive Training & Combined Experience in Functional Holistic Therapies to assist Our Clients to Reach their Health and Wellness Goals ..


We Welcome All Sincere Clients and Souls that Wish to Work on Themselves and Deal with the Root Cause of Their Health and Wellness Challenges ...



What we are Currently Offering :

Holistic Panama has Cutting Edge BioResonance Technology With the Current Prime Focus in Homeopathic Medicine ..   


Homeopathy is a Complete System of Medicine , and as such is Incredibly Helpful with the Entire Spectrum of Human Illness ..   This Includes both physical and emotional disease ...


It is Safe , Non-Toxic, and Works with the Bodies Natural Intelligence ! 


We are Able to Evaluate & Compose Client Specific Remedies that are Designed to be Highly Compatible with Each Case 


We have Great Results to Date in Treating Cases such as : Arthritis & Joint Care , Depression , Candidae , Sprained Ankles, Acne , Emotional Issues, Dementia , Organ Detoxification , Eczema, Hormone Imbalances , Gastro-Intestinal Problems, Insect Bites , Parasites , Organ Imbalances , EMF Radiation OverExposure ,  Dysbiosis and other digestive problems , Mineral Deficiencies including Iodine deficiency , Constipation , Mucosal Lining Healing , Allergies , and More .. 
Energetic Healing Sessions
Personal Healing Sessions that  focus on the Subtle Energy System to Assist Clients with Resolving Personal Issues , Emotional Blocks , and Much More ..   
These Energeic Therapies are not only for those looking for Healing but are also Very Much for those Currently on a Spiritual Path Who are looking to Progress & Develop by Precise Subtle Energy Therapies ... 
Detoxification Programs and Coaching 
We are currently Using Oxygen Based Protocols along with many other tried and true therapies to Assist Our Clients in Proper, Safe & Effective Detoxification of the bodies Main Systems .. 
 We are able to Customize & Design ,  Coach & Guide Natural & Holistic Detox Programs in a Way that Require the Most Minimal Investments of Time for the Client yet Still Produce very effective Results ..
In The World We Live in - Personal Detoxification is No Longer an "Option" .. It is Absolutely Necessary & Critical in Order to Keep a Healthy Body & Mind in a World So Overwhelmed with Toxicity ..
Toxicity is the Root of All Health Problems !  
We are Here to Help . 
Please Call for Questions or To Schedule a Consultation ...
Prices are Fair and Will be Based on the Level of Work that is Needed or Desired .. 
# 6009 9993
Please Visit Our Website @ 
Holistic Panama 
A Healing Arts Practice Dedicated to the Wise, Original, & Sacred Ways of Recovering Harmony with Nature
Thank You !
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