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Panama Fresh Organic Harvest and More....


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My fellow Boqueteans,
Our next organic shrimp harvest is going to be Tuesday, 22nd December, please contact me to place an order if you have not already done so. Once the orders have been filled, I will put you on the list for the following harvest which will be approximately 3 weeks later. We will be accepting orders for restaurants during the beginning of 2021, please contact me for more info. 
We are also going to be taking orders for our liposomal vitamin C, liposomal glutathione and liposomal EDTA as well as orders for our new TLC products including the awesome Iaso tea, please see the links below for more info:
https://retail.totallifechanges.com/Gladysmcg  or Call Gladys McGraw 6531-0326.  Start the new year feeling good and looking better!
Check out my new articles just recently published as well as info on the next "Basics of Aquaculture" class starting January 13.  The links are here:
Growth and survival of saltwater species in hypersaline water. The two most commonly grown shrimp, L. vannamei, and P. monodon can survive and grow at salinities from 0.5 to 40 ppt and so strains can be selected that show higher salinity tolerance.L. stylirostris (blue shrimp) varieties can be grown successfully at a salinity as a high as 50 ppt, outperforming the other two more common ...

The incredible, recent, global rise in the stranding of marine mammals | Animals 24-7 (animals24-7.org)

During late September, 2020, Australia experienced the largest mass stranding of whales in the history of that country. Two weeks later, during early October 2020, the stranding of 7,000 cape fur seals on the coast of Namibia was identified as a major marine mammal stranding event.
Organic - Sustainable - Multiple Species Mercury Free - Biosecure Contact For Information About My Online Course - Basics of Aquaculture - Starting November 3, 2020
Dr Bill and Gladys McGraw
Panama Fresh Organic
6205 1605
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