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Finishing up for the School Children of Los Naranjos


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As you know, we have been working really hard to help out about 100 children of extreme poverty get back to school to the elementary of Los Naranjos. These children are of extreme poverty and cannot attend school without shoes or uniforms.
Together with the Representative, Eduardo, we have received many donations that have allowed him to speak to the owner of a uniform retailer in David. He is negotiating to have the store give him the uniforms on credit with the commitment that he will pay them later. 
I have uploaded the list of the sizes for uniforms and shoes, and we are only sort $1453 to meet our goal and pay the store in full for all the necessary shoes and uniforms for these children. 
Please help out! Your donations will really help us put these kids in school and offer them an opportunity for a better future. Some of you wish to buy the uniforms directly, however chances are you will be paying a higher price than the one he has negotiated. You can make your donation directly at the store, towards the account the Junta Comunal will have now with them.
Eduardo "El Mello" can be reached at 6208 7235 and his secretary can be reached at 6773 0070. They will happily come to you to collect your donation. $1, $5, any amount helps out tremendously.
He will also happily welcome you with them to deliver these uniforms, where you can meet the children and put a face to the names on the list.
Thank you again for your help in this good cause.
Marguerite Heffner
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