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Statistics Regarding Rental and Sale of Apartments

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Rental and Sale of Apartments: What is the Most Sought After?

Between July and October 2020 the number of people in Panama looking for apartments to rent grew 34%, while the number of Honduran consumers looking to buy apartments for sale fell 5%.

Monday, November 16, 2020

CentralAmericaData's interactive platform, Consumer Insights, monitors in real time changes in consumer habits in all markets in the region and in other Latin American countries, with key data to understand their behavior, new trends and anticipate eventual changes in their buying patterns.

For this analysis, CentralAmericaData collected data on the number of Central American consumers who showed interest in buying or renting an apartment online in July. In October the same information was collected again and the variations reported in the quarter in question were evaluated.

Details of some of the most outstanding findings:

Between July and October in Guatemala, the number of consumers looking to buy an apartment decreased from 74,000 to 51,000, equivalent to a -31% variation.

In Panama, the number of people who explored options for buying a property of this type via the Internet increased by 151%, and in Costa Rica, for the months under analysis, the number of consumers looking to buy an apartment practically tripled.

In Honduras, for the period in question, the number of people looking to rent an apartment increased by 51%, and in El Salvador the variation was 352%.



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