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Harvest of Big Shrimp


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Hi All,
Our next harvest is going to be the 21st of October, Wednesday. Please contact me with your orders asap. The shrimp will be larger this time at 27 grams on average or about 16 count, as we are having fewer harvests. However, we are planning on beginning harvests every two weeks, starting in about a month. The price is still $7 per pound. 
The pictures below are of 28 g shrimp and our tilapia which are growing very fast on our 100% algal diet. The colors of the tilapia are brilliant as all pigments come from the diet and the tilapia are a naturally anti inflammatory food, high in omega-3s. They will be ready in about 4 months and will be sold whole at a 3-pound size for $10 each.
I have another Basics of Aquaculture class coming up November 3, the link is below. And lastly, I have included a link from one of my recently published articles, the rest can be found on my site. You can leave comments about the shrimp at panamafreshorganic.com.
thanks, especially to all those who have been helping our business grow ensuring that Boquete will always have large, fresh, organic shrimp available all year. 
Dr Bill and Gladys McGraw
6205 1605
Panama Fresh Organic
Sustainable and profitable aquaculture means zero water exchnage and disease free. All nutrients are recycled into useable products, all organic- non GMO
Another environmental benefit of recirculating, zero water exchange systems is that they are small and can be located just about anywhere. I have developed an inexpensive greenhouse structure (3$/m 2) that can withstand the 2.5 meters of rain we get here in Panama as well as the intense north and south winds that regularly destroy more common greenhouse structure designs.


tilapia of about 220 g. 
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