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Papa Ricos Now Located in Alto Boquete, and OPEN, Whoopee!

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Through the years the calzones at Papa Ricos have been one of our favorites. Great taste, large serving size, and fantastic value. When the Covid-19 pandemic began, Papa Ricos had to close its business, which was across the street from the Arco Iris Salon at the Feria Grounds. That was such a disappointment for us.

Then a friend told us this week that Papa Ricos is now open and located in Alto Boquete, just north of Ivan's. We went there late yesterday afternoon and I could not control myself. Bought seven calzones of different varieties. One was to be our dinner last night and the other six went into the deep freeze.

Again it was great value. Seven calzones cost $31.00, which is less than $4.50 per unit. Marcelyn and I split one calzone, and even that was bordering on a lot of food for each of us. Our dinner calzone last night was the combo variety, meaning chicken, salami, and ham combined together. The six calzones in the freezer are two each of chicken, salami, and ham. I had never had the combo version previously, but it became my favorite last night.

Upon arrival at Papa Ricos I was met by Leo. From the language skills it was obvious that he is a gringo. I have no idea if he is the owner, manager, an employee or what, but he was friendly, knowledgeable, and totally committed to good customer service. Turned out that he is from Texas, so there we were -- two Texans reminiscing about things Texan.

If you want good food, especially calzones, you gotta go to Papa Ricos. They also do pizzas and other entrees. Leo indicated that they will open for in-house dining as soon as Minsa allows them to do so.

Here is a picture of their storefront.


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