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Supreme Court orders Transport Authority to provide lawmaker with info on taxi licenses

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El velo sobre los cupos de taxis se podría levantar

Olmedo Rodríguez Campos
08 oct 2020 - 12:00 AM


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Court orders Transport Authority to provide lawmaker with info on taxi  licenses


Who owns rheir operating license?

Posted 07/10/2020

Panama’s Supreme Court has given the Transportation Authority (ATTT) five days to provide the independent lawmaker,  Gabriel Silva , with information regarding the assignment of the plates of taxis and others.

The Court's ruling is recorded in edict published on, Tuesday, October 6

In a letter dated January 27, Silva asked the ATTT director Miguel Martínez to provide him with a complete list of the quotas that the institution has granted for selective transport [taxis] in each province of the country during the last five years. . He requested that the license plate number, model, year of the vehicle be detailed, as well as the owner's identification.

He requested another list with details of the plates related to taxis quotas with revised expired until 2019, the number of licenses type E1 existing in the country, and the licenses issued with expired status, delinquency due to traffic violations applied to plates with transport quotas selective and E1 type licenses.

Silva also demanded to know the names of the country's selective transport concessionaires by province, as well as the total number of places assigned per allowed route.

Finally, he demanded that a record be included of all vehicles that are recognized as selective transport, with their respective quotas, which still have financial commitments with banks.



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