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We're BACK at the BCP Tuesday Market!


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Today is MONDAY...that means tomorrow is TUESDAY...and it is, again, MARKET DAY in Boquete. “What a long strange trip it's been,” since last March!

CLOUD FOREST BOTANICALS will be there to help kick off the new venue in the new COVID “normal” and we hope to see all of our clients and friends back again. We've missed you!

As a Special Welcome Back, with the purchase of any 2 tinctures, you will receive FREE a bag of Mariposa Azul coffee ($10 value) – a varietal blend of Arabica coffees organically grown on the slopes of Alto Jaramillo, nourished by sun, clouds, rain and Baru's black volcanic soil. Rich, chocolately, smooth. Offer good till we run out. Don't miss it!


We have not been idle the past months. We have dug deeply into the arcane world of terpenes (the unique phytochemicals that give plants distinctive scents and tastes and have powerful health benefits); we've thought long and hard about how the plant world works with us and provides us what we need; and we have worked hard to refine our already great formulas.

For example, we have improved both the taste and potency of our OM formula by tweaking the terpene profile to include more anti-inflammatory, mood elevating and calming botanicals. Got Pain? Get OM! (Ask us why we use sweet orange oil terpenes!)  

We have adjusted our ChillOut formula so that if life is “Harshing Your Mellow” you can quickly get your groove back!

image.png.dd913a4ab864d584dd53d0a58614cd15.png (Lavender -- great source for calming linalool!)

Super Immune Booster—already a 'must have' to keep nasty viruses and infections at bay—is now even better with the addition of organic MORINGA.

Look for us just inside the front door. Stop and say hi (keeping socially distant, of course!).

See you soon.

Elizabeth and Dianne



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