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Honey Whats New @ Tuesday Market 29th Sept


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Honey: Pre-order and pick up!

Thank you for supporting us over the last six months. We are so grateful for all the honey fans out there, proud of us all for staying the course and thrilled to be back at the new Tuesday Market.

We aim to offer you the most secure and safe shopping experience.  Our online catalogue can make your market experience safer and more efficient.

Pre-order, and we will give you a 20% discount on our regular retail prices quoted in our catalogue..

At the table, just pick up your previously sealed packages and get on your way!  You can even pay online as well if you want to.

Also at the table, you can drop off used hexagonal glass jars as well as our clear glass bottles and we will recycle them.





Place your orders:

Whatsapp: 67130043








Click Here for Catalogue


COVID wellness

Raw honey has so many benefits as an anti-microbial and also as source of micronutrients and minerals. Over the last few months our customers have been stocking up on ginger, turmeric as well as cinnamon honeys for their immune boosting virus combating properties.  We also offer honey vinegar and propolis clean throat spray as well as a honey ginger and propolis throat tincture, lushous honey soap and some really powerful honey and banana oil hand creams to take care of our hands.




Orders: Whatsapp 67130043 or mielboquetena@gmail.com.  You can also pay by ACH in advance...or, directly at the table.

Created by FlashIssue
Mailing address: Rare Isthmus Honey SA, Casita de Miel, El Jardin del Cafe, Boquete, Chiriqui, xxx, Republic of Panama
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